How to Select an IP Camera

In most developed countries, IP cameras are being widely used for security and safety purposes. If you have an internet connection on your cell phone, it is possible to monitor your premises from any where in the whole world with the help of IP cameras. Before you go ahead and install IP cameras in your home or office, there are few things you will have to consider to ensure that you choose an IP camera which not only falls within a specific price range but also fits your specific requirements.


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    Come up with a budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend to purchase an IP camera. Depending on features, an IP camera can cost you anywhere between $70 and $1400. If you are looking for quality indoor IP camera, be ready to spend about $150 to $300 whereas the price range for a quality outdoor IP camera is from $800 to $1400.

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    IP cameras have all sorts of features such as the ability to save on a DVR, infrared vision which enables you to monitor your premises at night as well and motion-detection features which will save and send live feeds to your cell phone whenever something moves in front of the camera. Keeping in mind the budget, compare these features and choose the ones you need.

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    Decide if a black and white IP camera will suffice your needs or will you require a colour camera. Again refer to your budget because a colour camera will cost more than a black and white camera. Also keep in mind that it is easy to monitor colour cameras because coloured images or video streams are easy to analyse in order to reach a positive conclusion.

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    IP cameras require a functional internet connection at all times. Talk to your internet service provider and ask them if the bandwidth you are getting will be adequate to properly support the model of your choice. Alternatively, you can contact the camera manufacturer to inquire how much bandwidth the camera will require. Keep in mind that a coloured camera requires more bandwidth than a black and white camera.

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    Just like bandwidth, the right amount of online storage space is also important because an IP camera needs a medium where it can store captured images or video streams. Check the webhosting storage space that you are allowed to use. A coloured camera will need more storage space than a black and white camera.

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    Decide the resolution of the IP camera. A low resolution camera will record grainy images or whereas a high resolution camera will record perfect quality images. However, high resolution IP cameras cost lot more than their low resolution counterparts.

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    Finally, choose a model which best provides the features you are looking for and also falls within your budget range.

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