How to Manually Rewind Film in Your Camera

Imagine you have finished a camera roll full of terrific shots, but unfortunately it is all ruined just because of a simple mistake during the rewinding the film. It would be really frustrating. If you use a classic, manual film camera, you must be familiar with the importance of proper rewinding once the roll is finished.

A lot of new models rewind the entire roll automatically, but if your camera does not have this feature, you need to be extra careful. The idea is to protect the film from light, and even a little mistake could destroy all your photography work.


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    A typical camera roll contains 24 to 36 frames. Once you are finished with the roll, the camera will itself tell you about it. The lever that is designed to move the roll would stop moving.

    It is the time to rewind the film to take the roll out. However, make every possible try to reach the end of the roll. Most of the camera usually show the number of shots used.

    If you have already used 36 shots, there is no need to try any further. Once the lever starts showing resistance, you don’t need to use any force.

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    Push the button that is at bottom of the camera. You model may not have any button of this nature. It is better to read the instructions menu to see if there is any button to press before rewinding.

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    It is the time to turn the knob anticlockwise. This knob is typically located on the top left side of the frame. A little arrow on the knob will also tell you about the direction you need to turn it to.

    Keep turning the knob until you are sure that the entire roll is finished. It is best to turn the knob for an extra couple of minutes.

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    Now, open the main cover to expose the roll. You will find this cover at back of the camera. Open the cover, and you will see a roll right in front of you.

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    If a little part of the film is still apparent, quickly put the cover back and turn the knob for some more time. However, this part of film is of no use now.

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