How to Tap a Hole for a Thread

When you tap threads into a metal, you will find it easy to easily attach the bolt to the metal without using the nut to hold the bolt with it. Whenever you are using the tap, you must keep it greased and then you have to make sure that you put enough pressure on it so that you are tapping it inside the hole. Whenever you are applying downward force, the carbide tab becomes stronger; however, it might even break easily if you apply the same pressure to the side. If it gets broken, then you will have to get involved in far more difficult tasks. Hence, be careful!


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    You main task starts off with you putting on the safety glasses. After you are done, you must find the perfect size for a tap which can be tapped into the T-handle. In case you are not sure about the size, try to slide in the drill until and unless you are fully aware of the size of the hole which you will be making use of.

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    Now you must use the fluid on the tap. Moreover, try to use it on the hole as well, which is actually inside the metal which you want to thread.

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    Now you must allow the hole to be in the same line with the T-handle. Now right when they are both parallel, you must try to turn the T-handle clockwise so that the threading in the hole can start off. In case you are trying to tap a left-handed threat, then try to use the same technique, but turn the T-handle anti-clockwise.

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    Whenever you believe that it is difficult for you to turn the tap now, change the direction of the tap. Now whatever is binding the tap will be removed; and you will have to turn half or quarter of the tap in reverse so that you can take out anything that is binding the tap.

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    Now once you are done, you must keep reversing the direction of the tap. This will help you remove it from the hole. Once you are done, you must be sure that the tap has left square-shaped hole.

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    Congratulations! You are done. Now you must clean the area around the hole and this will help you remove all the metal shaving from the metal which you have just threaded.

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