How to Tell People What You Want

Communication is one of the most important aspects of life and one must be able to communicate efficiently and effectively in order to get the right message across. Quite often, letting the other person know what you want is enough, but sometimes, people, due to their lack of understanding, are unable to comprehend what you ask of them.

In case you are a boss and want people to understand what you want, there are a few things that can be done so that there is no gap in the communication. It can be done with a combination of various elements put together just in the right proportion.


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    Talk Clearly

    Talk clearly in order for others to understand what you want to tell them. Sometimes people speak too fast or in a tone too low for others to clearly understand what they are saying. Make sure that you remove any such issues from your speech patterns so that others do not have any problems in communication. Also make it a point to use vocabulary that everyone can comprehend.

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    Ask for Queries

    Once you have delegated tasks, ask the employees if they have understood everything. Sometimes the employees are just scared of asking, even if there is any clarification needed. Encourage them to come forward.

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    Body Language

    Although it is best that you do not make it too intense, a bit of body language to aid your words is never a bad idea. It can in fact make it easier for people to understand what you want.

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    Talk to the Point

    A lot of the times people cannot understand a person because he or she does not talk directly about the topic and rather sticks with hints. This is never a good idea as people tend to perceive things the way they like. Make sure that the meaning of what you say is crystal clear and does not have any ambiguities. Keep it short and precise so that nothing is lost in translation.

  • 5

    Follow Up

    People can slack and can take the tasks given to them lightly. Make it a point to have deadlines at which you need the work and follow up to ensure that they know you are serious. People will work well when they have a bit of that pressure letting them know that they do not have infinite time. This will also help in weeding out any communication gaps.

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