How to Treat Naproxen Toxicity in Dogs

Usually when we suffer from pain or aches, we use medicines such as naproxen and NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). However, it is not necessary that medicines which can cure us will also cure pets especially dogs. Naproxen eases pain and treats fever among humans. However, you should never treat your dog with this medicine as it has unfavourable side effects. In case your dog accidentally intake naproxen, you need to quickly consult a professional. It is very dangerous for your dog to ingest this. Adding further to this misery, your dog may even suffer from kidney failure if he has ingested a lot of naproxen.


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    You can induce vomiting for your dog in order to treat the problem. In case your dog has ingested naproxen for over an hour or two, you need to provoke your dog to vomit. You can persuade with help of hydrogen peroxide. Remember to provoke your dog to vomit only if you vet recommends this treatment.

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    Take your dog to animal hospital

    You should immediately take your dog to an animal hospital if he has ingested naproxen. You can call your vet beforehand and tell him about the severity of the emergency. Also inform your vet that your canine will require immediate treatment and so you will be bringing him along with you.

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    Keep your canine calm

    You need to keep your canine calm at this situation. For this purpose, you need to keep your tone of voice calm all the time when treating and handling your dog.

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    Give intravenous fluids

    You can give your dog intravenous fluid in order to help him recover. However, you need to take advice from your vet before giving your canine this treatment. In case your vet fails to mention about this treatment then you should always ask him or advise him for this treatment.

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    Use activated charcoal

    You can treat your canine who has ingested naproxen with activated charcoal. By this method, the naproxen in your dog’s stomach will be absorbed. However, you need to be quick as this treatment works best if applied early. Remember to take permission from your vet before using activated charcoal.

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    Check your dog’s kidneys

    In order to check your dog’s kidneys, his blood work is noted. You need to ask your vet to check whether his kidneys are working perfectly or affected by naproxen ingestion.

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