How to Use Abalone Shell Energy

For thousands of years, the abalone shell has been used as a source of magic in some regions of our planet. Due to tides and varying features of different oceans, abalone shell energy has a powerful link with the sea. The outer appearance of the abalone shell is rocky; whereas, it is quite beautiful and shining from the inside. People have also been using it as a ceremonial bowl for incense. The inner part of an abalone shell can be used as jewellery, also containing a great level of energy. It can also be regarded as a symbol of ever-changing but consistent beauty of life.


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    To calm down your emotions

    Having control over different kinds of emotions is crucial if we want to avoid awkward situations in our routine life. At times we feel helpless and emotionally broken, needing some kind of a magical energy to fill our hearts. An abalone shell is extremely effective during such situations, helping an individual regain control over his/her nerves. You can fill an abalone shell with sand and it can be used to burn frankincense or sandalwood, if/when you are at the peak of your emotions. An abalone shell filled with sand is also used by many to smudge their property or houses.

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    Menstrual problems

    As an Apache girl greets the sun on the dawn of her initiation into the womanhood, she wears a disc of the abalone shell on her forehead. It gives her energy to enter into a new phase of life and to cope with it bravely. It can also be used as a comforting influence during menstrual problems.

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    Abalone shell jewellery

    Jewellery made of abalone shell is not only attractive; it also helps you maintain a balanced mood in your day-to-day affairs, which is extremely crucial if you desire to lead a peaceful life. An abalone shell can be used in rings, necklaces, bracelets and other forms of jewellery.

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    Mantra beads

    An abalone shell can be used to make prayer beads, mantra beads or worry beads. These beads have a soothing and calming effect on your personality. By keeping any of these beads in your pocket, you can enjoy a hidden energy, which helps you compete with the world more efficiently.

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