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The main idea behind the creation of sgrouples is that ‘privacy is not dead’. Privacy is an ability of an individual to hold back some details about his personal life that he/ she does not wishes to share with everyone.

With the rise of social networking in recent years people are facing a number of privacy issues and there have been many incidents where an individual’s personal information has been leaked from a social networking website and that can lead to a number of serious issues such as fraud.

So sgrouples was created with the intent of creating a private social network where privacy of people will be very secure and no one will be allowed to view any one’s else personal information without consent. With strict privacy measures in place, sgrouples claims itself to be the world’s first private social network.

Sgrouples was created for people who want to replicate daily life communications online in a private way. Their model is different from the popular social networks such as Facebook, as sgrouples allows users to communicate with their contacts privately.

This is in contrast to Facebook where most of the communication between people is public and visible to most of their friends. Photo privacy is a much more serious issue as a photo once uploaded on a network can be shared and spread to the other corner of the world in seconds.

Sgrouples also provides the service of file transfer. It is similar to drop box where you can upload a file to sgrouples and then allow only specific people to access and save the file.

In sgrouples you can create a separate group for different category of contacts. It gives you the option to share different aspects of life with different groups of people.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use


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    Create an account

    Sgrouples is a free service. Go to, enter your email and password and click on Sign up for sgrouples to create a new account.

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    Log in

    Now after confirming that you are the owner of the said email address enter the email and password and click on sign in to log in to sgrouples.

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    Create Groups

    Now create groups for your colleagues, friends, and family and upload your display picture for each group to get started with sgrouples.

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