How to Visit the Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum is a great place to visit, if you are planning to visit an art museum in the United States. Seeing art galleries and attending exhibitions is pretty captivating, but when it comes to visiting Rodin Museum, the experience gets even more rewarding and entertaining.

If you are a novice, you may be wondering how to make the most from your first visit to the Rodin Museum. There are several things that could confuse you at first, as you have no idea how to plan your visit, and what exhibitions and programs should be attended.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Rodin Museum has been around since 1929.


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    Visit museum’s website

    Before you decide to visit the museum, you’d better go to Rodin Museum’s website, where you can get informed about the entry fees (if any), different exhibitions, and programs. If you do not know the URL of Rodent Museum’s website, you can search Google. Just type the name of the museum in Google search bar, and it will provide you with a link.

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    Museum collection

    The Rodin Museum has several collections on Auguste Rodin’s career. Apart from exhibitions, seminars, workshops and programs that are held according to schedule, these collections are permanent part of the Rodin Museum, and can be seen whenever you visit. The collections consist of marbles, plasters and bronzes. There is also a garden inside the premises of the museum (but outside the main building), which features eights works. ‘The Gates of Hell’ and the giant sculpture ‘The Thinker’ grace the entrance of the garden. Best of all, the garden is free throughout the year.

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    Events and exhibitions

    You should know the dates of different events and exhibitions before you visit the museum, as going there without a plan will spoil the fun and waste your time. Click the tab “Calendar & Events” at the top of the website’s page, and you will have a list and details of the all the upcoming events and exhibitions. Be sure to note the timings of programs you decide on.

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    Guided tours

    The Rodin Museum offers several guided tours to its visitors. Trained guides lead groups to different galleries, giving them an overview of each and everything.

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    Note visitor information

    Note all the visitor information by clicking the tab “Planning your Visit.” In this section you will get information on admission fees (for guided and unguided tours), museum’s location, parking, opening and closing hours, timings of exhibitions and events, and directions.

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