Student Loan Hardship Letter

A hardship letter refers to your inability to meet your financial obligations and the issues which have prevented you from paying your dues. It is usually written to the loan provider, in most cases banks, university loan department or any other financial organization.

The letter must clearly state your current financial position and any information that supports your claim. Avoid pointing fingers at others but make sure to be polite.

If you don’t know how to write a student loan hardship letter, scroll down and learn how to write it with the help of our sample and template.

Tips to Write Student Loan Hardship Letter

  • Maintain a professional and formal tone
  • Be concise and try to sum up all details
  • Be mindful of grammatical and spelling mistakes


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    Sample Student Loan Hardship Letter


    Dean Brooks

    Director (Loan Section)

    The London Eastern Bank

    45, College Road, East London


    12 December 2012

    Subject – Student Loan Hardship Letter

    Dear Mr. Brooks,

    I am writing this letter to inform you about my dire financial health which has made it difficult for me to carry out my bachelor’s degree at the University of East London. I am currently enrolled in the second semester, with pending annual dues in the region £ 20,000. My current family income is not sufficient enough to pay my tuition fee, and recently my father lost his job due to the cost-cutting measures taken by his company.

    I saved some money by working part-time but that was consumed due to some unexpected bills that arose due to an illness in the family. It will be very difficult for me and my family to raise immediate funds, and given the importance of education, I request you to accept my application for a student loan of £20,000 so that I can carry on with my degree and finish it on time.

    I am eagerly awaiting a positive reply from you in this regard. I sincerely hope that you understand my hardship.


    John Chase

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    Template Student Loan Hardship Letter


    [Name – Loan Provider]





    [Salutation – To whom it may concern],

    I have taken student loan from your bank in order to pursue a degree in Marketing/Finance/ Mass Communication from University XXX. However, given the hardship my family is currently going through, I am not able to pay the monthly/annual payments.

    [State the reasons in the main body]. This is due to the fact that my father was recently let go by his company and is currently unemployed. Also my mother got ill and I had to pay for her medical bills with the money that I had saved.

    With no source of income, I request that I get extended time to pay out my loan and in the meantime, continue my degree. Looking forward to hearing from you in this matter.


    [ Your Name]

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