New Product Introduction Letter

Whenever a company launches or introduces a new product, a formal letter is written to inform the internal staff about the updates in the product line, or to the customers/general public. The Product Introduction Letter is usually issued by the production department or the marketing department.

Such types of letters are used to market the product in massive level. Moreover, the management wants to float the news in the market, in order to teach the customers about the basic information about the product. It also helps the suppliers to manage their stock, according to the upcoming demand of the product.

Scroll down and learn how to write a new product introduction letter with the help of the template and sample which we have provided you with.

Tips to Write New Product Introduction Letter

  • Use rich text
  • Involve people by using different fonts
  • Write in detail about your product


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    Sample Product Introduction Letter

    Production Department / Marketing Department
    John Productions
    701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA
    January 10, 2013

    All Staff of John Productions
    Subject: Introduction of New Product

    Dear staff members,

    Mursil Productions is glad to inform you that the company is ready to launch a new product that will be available in the market from next month onwards.

    The Production Departments want you to have a complete look at the product specifications and help in marketing the product. The company has scheduled to officially launch the product on February 1, 2013. Please find product’s complete details as under:

    Product Name: ABC
    Under Brand: John Foods
    Under Category: Health
    Description: An energy drink, which will boost the energy levels of the consumer.
    Cost: $36.00 per dozen
    Contents: Caffeine, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, B-Group Vitamins, Sucrose & Glucose, Alpine Spring Water

    You are all welcome to visit the Sales & Promotion Department next Monday, in order to take a trial of the drink. Make sure you provide all the relevant feedback to the Sales & Promotion Department.

    Thank you.
    Production Department

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    Template of Product Introduction Letter

    [Department Name]
    [Company name]
    [Company Address]

    [Recipient of the letter]
    Subject: [Subject of the letter]

    Dear [addressee],

    [Company name] is pleased to tell you that the new product that you were all waiting for, is ready to float in the market. The company is planning to launch it in [Month].

    [Department name] will send you all an email regarding the complete details of the new product. According the schedule, the official launching ceremony will be held on [Date].

    Product Details:

    Product Name: [Product name]
    Under Brand: [Brand name]
    Under Category: [Category]
    Description: [Write a short description of the product].
    Cost: [Price] per [Amount/Weight]
    Contents: [Ingredients]

    The [Department Name] will host a small testing session on [Date]. You are all invited to come and test the product. Please do not hesitate to provide us with your valuable feedbacks.

    Thank you.
    [Department name]

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