10 Easy Tips to Drive Up Your Property Value

Are you preparing to sell your house and move to that dream home you’ve decided on? Well, you’ll want to get the maximum amount possible for your current home by increasing the property value as much as you can.

How do you go about increasing your home’s value?

Many people never spend time and really make sure their existing home is ready to be shown on the market. They slap a For Sale sign up and expect multiple offers to come their way. Of course, it doesn’t work out too well.

To increase your property value and get the highest offer on your home, here are 10 tips that will help drive up the price without spending a fortune.

1. Clean up – I know it sounds pretty basic, but most people don’t take the time to clean their home before selling. Have the carpets cleaned, the drapes and furniture as well. It removes any odors in the home, even if you don’t smoke. Your stove, refrigerator and counters should also sparkle. If you have piles of paper and junk, get rid of it. Think how you would feel seeing your home for the first time.

2. Paint – Fresh paint can add value to your home. The best tip, stay with neutral colors. It goes with any type of furniture, and light colors always make a room look bigger.

3. Get organized – Take some time to organize those areas that tend to collect the junk. Areas like the attic, basement and garage look more inviting to prospective buyers when they are neat and clean.

4. Fix the leaks – Be sure to fix any leaky faucets and paint over any stains.

5. Repair damaged walls – If you have any holes in the sheetrock, make sure you repair and paint them. Seeing holes in the walls does not make anyone want to pay top dollar for your home.

6. If it’s broke, fix it – Repair or replace any broken door knobs, light switches, toilet seats, etc. It may not seem like a big deal, but it shows how well you treat your property.

7. Work on the landscape – Mow and edge the yard at the very least. Make sure the gutters are not clogged with leaves hanging out. Add some flowers or even a few hanging plants near the front and back entrances. It gives a warm and cheerful feeling.

8. Doors – Be sure the front and read doors have a fresh coat of paint on them, along with a nice doormat lying in front of them.

9. Pick up the outside toys – You always want to pick up outside and put away toys, bikes, mowers and yard tools.

10. Remove the clutter – Keep the amount of furniture and furnishings in your home to a minimum. You want to project a feeling that the home is bigger then it really is. Even if you have to rent a storage unit for a few months to keep it in, the extra money you’ll pocket from the increased offers will be well worth it.

These tips may seem time consuming and could take some extra work, but the benefits are enormous. Your property value will soar and you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.

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