10 Tips for Promoting Your Blog or Website on MySpace

You finally broke down and created a MySpace profile to help promote your blog or website and now your profile isn’t getting any action. Here are the top ten tips for using MySpace to promote your blog and website. Everything from how to get people to visit your profile, add you and become regular readers of your work.

Tip #1: Keep your MySpace layout simple.

The biggest mistake that MySpace users make is choosing a complicated profile that takes forever to load and then filling it with unnecessary graphics. Take your time in choosing a clean, colorful layout and keep any graphics to a minimum. Nobody wants to know your underwear style, which drink you are or which character from Desperate Housewives you most resemble.

Tip #2: Make your MySpace profile a reflection of who you are.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your interests in your MySpace profile. Go ahead, talk about yourself. Choose your favorite song, add your favorite pics. Let your true colors come out. By being yourself, you give people something to connect to.

Tip #3: Place your MySpace link in a prominent place on your blog or website.

People can’t check your MySpace profile out if they don’t know where it is. So be sure to place it somewhere where people can see it on your blog or website. Also add your MySpace link to your signature in emails, forums and at the end of each blog post or comment.

Tip #4: Make it easy for people to add you as a friend on MySpace.

Along with placing a link to your MySpace profile, add a link to make it easy for them to add you as a friend. To get the link, right-click on the Message link found in your contact table, then select Copy Link Location.

Tip #5: Use friend trains or Add Me Groups to get your profile seen by new people.

A great way to boost your friend’s list is by posting a bulletin in any number of Add Me groups that are on MySpace or by joining friend trains. You may have to spend some extra time, especially in the beginning, just getting people to add you and check out your profile, but it’s worth it.

Tip #6: Update your MySpace blog frequently.

Blog in your MySpace profile several times a week to keep people coming back. Take a few minutes every time you update your blog or website and write a short blurb about it on your MySpace blog, then include a link to the full blog or article.

Tip #7: Encourage MySpace users to subscribe to your blog.

At the end of each entry on your MySpace blog include a link for people to subscribe to your blog. Subscribers to your blog will receive notification every time that you update your MySpace blog, which of course will increase the chances of people checking your MySpace profile out. To get the link to subscribe to your blog simply right-click on the Subscribe to this blog link located at the top of your MySpace profile and select Copy Link Location.

Tip #8: Use MySpace bulletins to notify friends about changes to your profile.

Post a bulletin when you add a new pic, blog entry, song, anything. This will give the people on your friends list who might not normally visit your profile an excuse to check you out.

Tip #9: Don’t overuse MySpace bulletins.

Resist the temptation to post too many bulletins. This can turn people off or worse, get you deleted from their friends list.

Tip #10: Comment your friend’s MySpace profiles and pics on a regular basis.

A good rule is to comment at least three MySpace profiles every time you log-in. Not only do MySpace user love to receive new comments, but it establishes a presence for you on MySpace as well. If it’s someone you don’t know personally, keep the comment general – “Have a great weekend”, “Hope your week is going well”, “Just wanted to say Hi”, are always safe. MySpace users are very appreciative of pic comments and will most likely check out your profile and comments your pics back as well.

Remember that MySpace is a social networking website. Being succesful on MySpace requires being social, getting to know new people, showing interest in them, answering your email and keeping up on your profile. Lay the groundwork for a good solid MySpace profile and when that’s done you’ll only have to spend a minimum amount of time maintaining your profile. But most importantly, have fun with it!

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