10 Uses for Wax Paper

With the holidays being here, I have started “stocking up” on essential items that I will be using in abundance these next three months. One such item is wax paper. I found some a sale yesterday and purchased several rolls. Why because I plan to do that much baking? Well- yes and no. Wax paper is not just for baking. It has several uses than can help make life easier, more organized and a bit less chaotic.

Ten uses for wax paper #1

Filling spice jars. Wax paper can make great funnels. Simply roll the paper into a funnel shape and pour spices into decorative jars. No mess, no runaway seeds. This way bulk items of spices are not as burdensome. Store them in the pantry and set the decorative spice jars out the top ledge of your stove, or even better – that spice shelf you have been wanting for so long.

Ten uses for wax paper #2

Do you enjoy a glass of wine? I bet more people would enjoy the bottles being easier to open and recork. When a bottle of wine is opened, the cork can expand when exposed to air making recorking the bottle not so fun and a big pain. Rub a small bit of wax paper against the cork stopper. Wax paper provides lubrication, thereby making it easier to recork that bottle with less fuss and less muss. More time spent to enjoy the glass of wine.

Ten uses for wax paper #3

In a previous article, I mentioned waffles: did you know that wax paper could restore a waffle iron’s non-stick surface. Waffles taste best when they are waffle shaped-I know it is not cerebral thinking, but come on- people like their waffles to look like waffles. To prevent this, place a piece of wax paper between the plates as the waffle maker warms up. The heat melts the wax paper’s non-stick coating, thereby ensuring food friendly wax to transfer to the metal. Non-stick surface every time.

Ten uses for wax paper #4

My sister is now a Maniac facing her second winter up in the Northeast. A trick I hope she uses this year is to rub the edge of her snow shovels with pieces of wax paper. Once snowfall is upon her, she can shovel as usual (or my nephew); however, the wax coating will keep the snow from sticking and no more bulky buildup that can slow the shoveling down.

Ten uses for wax paper #5

Have a car? Like to listen to the radio and while driving and not an Ipod? Most car antennas are retractable now. Rub the antenna with wax paper at the start of each season to prevent grime build up.

Ten uses for wax paper #6

Do you arise each morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to face the day with a huge smile on your face? Or do you need a cup (or two) of coffee and a shower to prepare you to face the day? I do not know about you, but a squeaky shower curtain is not a noise I relish hearing on a daily basis. In fact, I only enjoy such a noise when I am watching the movie classic, Psycho. Rubbing some wax paper along the shower rod can prevent that irritating noise by again, the transfer of the wax paper’s lubricants to the rod.

Ten uses for wax paper #7

Is there chrome in your home? (Yes, I wrote that intentionally.) Water spots and finger smudges are not chrome’s friends. Rub the chrome with wax paper. The coating will act as a type of varnish preventing build up. It will not eliminate it, but it will delay it for up to a week. Perfect for guests visiting.

Ten uses for wax paper #8

Do you have a favorite can opener that you love better than any other? I do. Grime can build up in the wheels making it more difficult to open cans smoothly. Place a piece of wax paper between the gears, (as you would a can) and run through. The wax paper serves a duel purpose here. The roughness of the paper against the wheels acts to loosen any food debris and the wax acts as a lubricant, coating the wheels. I have had the same can opener for years.

Ten uses for wax paper #9

Have you ever bounded out to your garden shed on the first day of spring eager to “get to” digging and planting only upon opening the shed you notice that your garden tools have rusted? A way to keep that bound in your step and your garden tools rust free is to ball up a piece of wax paper and rub all along the surfaces of your tools. The roughness loosens dirt and grime build- up, while, again, the wax lubricants the tools preventing rust.

Ten uses for wax paper #10

Make place mats! Pick a picture, a drawing, even flashcards and place the item(s) between several pieces of wax paper. Then place that between several paper towels. Cover with a dishtowel and iron with a warm iron. Viola- you have yourself personalized place mats. What a great idea for family pictures.

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