10 Best Ways to Feed Your Baby

Feeding your baby is important. Not many people are aware of this but baby food tastes delicious. If you do not believe us then just give it a try, though we will warn you to ensure that there is an extra pack of baby food that you could give to the baby.

There are many different things that can be fed to a baby but it is best to stick to natural foods or foods developed specifically for babies. It should also be noted that babies in different age groups can digest certain types of foods. There is a difference between eating and digesting. Basically a baby can, in theory, eat almost everything but based on their maturity, can only digest certain items.

As the baby grows older more foods and food types can be introduced, however, we recommend consulting a doctor or an expert before deciding on a major change in diet or introducing a new food item and under no circumstances are green or red chillies an acceptable food to give to a child.


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    The first technique is to use a feeder. These come in different forms or sizes and a doctor or expert should be consulted before using any kind of tool for the purpose. Simply follow the instructions and remember to stick the feeder in gently.

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    The second technique is to make train sounds and trick the baby into thinking that the spoon full of food is in fact a train. The object is not to convince the baby that it is a train but rather for the baby to open their mouth by making them think that you’re crazy, its funny and wonder how stupid you can possibly be. Once the mouth is open, the spoon can be inserted and the baby fed.

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    If the train sounds don’t work try airplane sounds.

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    If the airplane sounds don’t work then a variety of animal sounds can be used starting off with a  lion, as a roar is the most likely to get an imitation from the baby.

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    Bird sounds are nice as well and may work.

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    Do not make donkey sounds though as you will most likely end up sounding like an ass.

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    You could tickle the baby in order for it to open its mouth but you should be careful and gentle.

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    Distracting a baby with cartoons and feeding it also works in some cases.

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    Eating the baby’s food in order to make it jealous is also a technique that be used.

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    Baby formula can also be given to the baby in a bottle. However, this is the most boring way.

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