The10 Commandments Of Fashion

Fashion in general is done best when one is dressed according to one’s personality, choice or mood. In the advent of new designers, a lot has changed, the old rules are revisited, updated, and some are totally thrown out of the window. Fashion is colors to a canvas in the hands of a painter(you)! Here are 10 commandments you need to know before you start painting:


  • 1

    Thou shalt have clothes of all kinds and not divide them into“groups”

    This is the most common fashion faux pas in the world today. People tend to place a category for clothes in their wardrobes( party wears, casual clothing, church outfits official attires etc ) and they are arranged according to their importance. Doing this is creating barriers to your creativity, as you may never know that combining that black blazer, with a pair of jeans, over that red top you were hoping to wear to that meeting could just be something that would skyrocket your day from gloom to vibrant.

    In other words, spice up your wardrobe and be creative with your outfits. Casuals can turn to sexy with the right top or with the denim shorts over heels and a jacket, vice versa. Whatever you do. Spice it up.

  • 2

    Thou shalt have a wardrobe of many colors

    This is very important as colors tend to reveal the character or nature of a person. For example, if one is seen wearing black all the time, it is mostly interpreted as being mysterious, dominant, intimidating confident, attractive, it can also show laziness as you are not one to do your laundry.

    It can also be identified as a sign of depression, sadness, and make you seem like a negative kind of person with no sense of humor which people tend to notice causing people to stay away from you.

    Scientifically, colors tend to reflect the kind of mood you are in and when one wears one constantly, a personality that the color represents also reflects on the individual.  Try to avoid a one colored wardrobe as colors in your wardrobe gives you more to look forward to in the area of creativity and expanding your fashion limits.

  • 3

    Thou shalt have a tailor as thy best friend

    Tailors are a girl's best friend as hand is to glove. If you don't have one, make one. Having a tailor helps to perfect your creativity. There are going to be dresses, jeans or jackets that is a size too small or two sizes big, that's where your tailor comes in, to help adjust clothing to your exact fit and also at an affordable rate.

  • 4

    Thou shalt not commit murder, but thou shalt kill every trend in thy life

    Fashion trends are death to every aspiring fashionista's creativity. It is highly advised to avoid trends at all cost. Designers struggle everyday to create something out of the box. Something that the world hasn't seen yet: that should be the goal of every aspiring fashionista, designer etc.

    It is important to be creative and step out of the box, from the usual way of dressing and be true to yourself. To stay away from fashion trends is to do what you want. If the world is wearing yellow, go green. Whatever you do should stand out.

  • 5

    Thou shalt invest in shoes

    No matter how good you look in your attire, people will always take a look at your feet, it is the first thing they notice or the second thing after seeing your face”. Shoes tend to tell a lot about an individual and their personality.

    There is so much a shoe can do to your look, for example: wearing a dress with flat-soled shoes and wearing one with heels could cause so much difference in your appearance and even in the way you walk. Also, for some outfits, sandals are better off than  full flat shoes. Understanding the different combination of shoes matching different outfits will go a long way to creating your ideal look.

  • 6

    Thou shalt splurge

    Spending on what looks good should not be something to cry over. You don't necessary have to run down your bank account, but every now and then, it is important to spend something on what you like. Yes you have to save, but you have to spend to attract the things you want. A good fashion sense can awaken opportunities around you that you've never  noticed, or that others haven't seemed to notice.

  • 7

    Thou shalt be thrift

    As much as it is important to splurge on all the must haves out there, it is also important to know when to hold onto your credit card as you might risk the chance of going into debt due to too much spending. It is a matter of discipline. Fashion can become obsessive and one can easily spend more than they intend to. It is important to know when to cut down on your shopping spree or when not shop at all for a period of time.

  • 8

    Thou shalt  accessorize and be attentive in detail

    I can not emphasize on the effect accessories have on an  outfits. They can make a difference between normal and glam, and can channel your look into perfection. A simple earring or a bracelet or clutch can do wonders to your outfits than when you are not wearing any. You don't need to pile on so much jewellery to make a fashion statement. You just need to use the ones that make you look different.

    Detail on its own is fashion. The difference between unbuttoning a shirt and buttoning up to the neck can make a difference between looking casual, sexy or “put together”, or the texture of a black material with black embroidery can look so good, way better than a plain material of the same color but no designs. The difference is the details. Details can make an outfit stand out and people are bound to notice.

  • 9

    Thou shalt be daring!

    This is what fashion stands for: doing the unbelievable. In a world where most people tend to play it safe and avoid risk, dare to be different. As an upcoming fashionista, it is important to follow your heart, and be creative. Some people wear outfits according to their moods, what day it feels like, or the time of the year; it is an opportunity to be free and allow your inhibitions to be loose. Through your sense of style you can actually tell the world who you really are without talking. You might be the quiet type, but your style is speaking volumes of you. Whatever you do, don't follow trends, create your magic. The bolder it is, the better.

  • 10

    Toss this list

    Fashion has no rules. You dress as you feel, how comfortable you are in your skin. It is important to know what is a yes or what is a no, but at times, they are not really necessary, as creativity can't flow if one is worried about brown matching green or red perfecting orange. What matters is to be daring in your fashion choice, splurge on every color, accessorize, combine, and look great. Read it, understand it and forget it all. Whatever you do be daring!

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