Most people have the flawed notion that the cost of your clothes determines how good you can look. Not true. While you might have to put in more effort if you want to look good while spending less, how much you spend on you spent on clothes is not the only determinant. What you need to not is how to work with what you have to pull off a good look. Isn’t that why you are reading this article?


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    Make Sure Your Clothes Are In Good Condition

    Nothing reduces the inherent value of clothing such as wrinkles, stains, bad condition and funny smells. If you notice a hole, a stain, missing buttons, wrinkles or even a funny smell, the truth is that other people will most likely notice it too. Make sure whatever you wear is clean, ironed or steamed (I can’t begin to stress the importance of removing those wrinkles), and in its best possible condition. If you know you can’t fix that defect yourself and can’t pay a seamstress to do it, please give it to someone who can and don’t wear it haphazardly.

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    Make Sure They Fit

    An outfit that fits your body well, regardless of the price has a way of looking good. Take into consideration the original cut of the clothing; is it meant to be loose? Is it meant to fit? If it is not looking how it is meant to look on your body, take it to a tailor for adjustments. In addition, when you are about to wear it create a smooth silhouette underneath the outfit. How your body looks in the cloth can also be affected by the wrong underwear.

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    Groom Yourself.

    Don’t go walking about with chipped nails, dirty or smelly hair, terrible body odor and smudged makeup. Clean clothes on a rough body can look cheap and or trashy. Make sure you take care of your skin, face, nails and hair. A well groomed body has the ability to take people’s perception of an outfit from cheap to classy.

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    Know Your Fabrics

    Many cheap cloths look their price or even less than their price because of the fabric they were made of. This is because those fabrics were cheap. Fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, tweed and silk tend to be expensive because most of these natural fibers look better with time. Therefore, if that attire is meant to last for more than two nights try to make sure it contains nothing more than 20% synthetic fibers.

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    Choose Your Accessories Wisely

    Different types of accessories have their different uses. However, generally avoid items that are too loud, and look obviously fake. If the original is something you can obviously not afford, (e.g. a necklace made up of 15 large diamonds) it will automatically cheapen the whole outfit in the eyes of others.

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