+How to Spot Fake Calvin Klein belts

Before spending your money to purchase that Calvin Klein belt, you will want to make sure it is the genuine thing and not just a mere counterfeit. Most consumers don’t realize they are being ripped off by sellers when they are making a purchase. By the time they do, it’s usually too late. However, within this article, you’ll come across few tips to help you ascertain whether or not that Calvin Klein belt you are considering is truly worth it. Read on to know how to spot fake Calvin Klein belts.


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    Cost price

    Original Calvin Klein belts are usually within the price range of 80-100 euros. If you spot anyone that’s way below that price range, then there’s a probability it isn’t the real thing. However you can come across a cheap one that’s authentic, but just make sure you inspect it properly before paying your money.

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    Removable labels

    The original Calvin Klein belts, by default from manufacturing company, features two removable labels showing: small label - Calvin Klein company logo, big label – serial number, color number and style number. If yours come with one or none, then be sure it’s definitely a fake one.

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    Inside leather label

    Original Calvin Klein belts usually come with inside leather label showing the text: Calvin Klein, model number (e.g. jeans), style number (e.g. j51j500999), size (e.g. 90). Take note that, if the style number doesn’t match the style number on the removable label, then it’s a fake one.

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    Just a few inches from the belt’s buckle, you’ll find the Calvin Klein logo imprinted on the belt. Carefully inspect the logo’s size, print quality, distance from the buckle and font. If yours doesn’t come with a logo, then it’s definitely a fake one.


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    White labels

    Check the back of the belt, if it is an original, it should come with a two white labels. The last one, usually a bit smaller, features the serial and style number. Most importantly the style number must match the one on the removable and inside label, otherwise you are dealing with an ordinary counterfeit.

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    Before taking home with you a Calvin Klein belt, make sure you inspect it properly by making use of this tips as stated above.

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