6 Tips For Spotting Fake Burberry Coats For Women

Burberry products are widely known for their elegant styles and for displaying effortless beauty. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Burberry fabrications been produced in numerous quantities all over the world.

As a woman looking to obtain one for herself, whether from an online store, or a boutique nearby, you’ll have to stay alert to avoid getting ripped off by counterfeit sellers. Right within this article, you’ll find 6 tips on how to spot fake Burberry coats for women.


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    Watch out for the first letter of the word Burberry. Most counterfeits would say ‘’Rubbery,’’ as they intend to deceive customers by replacing the B with an R. Inspect the name carefully and ensure it is correctly spelt before you consider buying.


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    Price tag

    Burberry produces some of the most luxurious items being sold all over the world today. If the price is too cheap, it could be a sign indicating that the Burberry coat is likely to be of a very poor quality. You are admonished to avoid buying at such prices.


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    Feel the coat and the coat’s lining with your hand. They are supposed to feel thick since they are made out of top quality materials. If you find any that feels too light and hollow, then it’s probably a fake one.

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    Check the hardware components of the coat you are considering: they should be made with top quality metals. Counterfeits are known to use plastics and low quality materials that are usually too light when felt with the hands.

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    Button and belt loops

    Touch the buttons and the belt loops of the Burberry coat and make sure they are firmly sewed together. Also check the sewing patterns for any sloppy stitches. If you find any, don’t waste your time buying, it’s fake.


  • 6

    Hang tag

    Examine the hang tag on the coat. It should match the signature Burberry logo. And also take note of the material attaching the tag to the coat: it should be solid, requiring scissors to remove it.

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    Have these 6 tips at the back of your mind, so that the next time you are planning to buy that favorite Burberry coat of yours, it will be a fun experience.

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