With so many variety in terms of clothing, it is understandable that people can say that they do not know what to wear. Despite this, some items are simply a must for the modern guy to have in his wardrobe.

What people wear has always been used to define a first impression of them most especially in today’s world. Whilst you must be careful in your fashion sense, there are a few fashion items that have always remained relevant. You may already be familiar with some of these items and if you are lacking any of these items, you now know what your wardrobe is using. Below essential fashion items for the modern guy for almost any occasion.


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    Solid White Shirt
    A plain white shirt is the ultimate menswear staple. As a guy you cannot do without this dress. It is so important to own one. A solid white shirt matches all colors. You can wear it with anything. But you can also create new looks by playing around with the buttons and sleeves. But, to look super casual or look casual wear it buttoned up with a tie and blazer for a dressy look, or wear it unbuttoned over a designer T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It just doesn’t get more versatile than a solid white shirt.

    Find a shirt that fits though you do not want a shirt that exaggerates your torso. A fitting shirt with a little breathing room is perfect for just about any occasion.

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    Cool Blue jean

    As a guy, one of the basic fashion you need is a pair of cool blue jeans that you can wear casually with a flowing shirt for casual occasions or tucked in with a pair of sensible dress shoes for semi-official functions. You can wear a blue jean with any funky item or dress like, sweater, t-shirt or any cool color shirt that matches your blue jean.

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    Whether you prefer a pullover to a cardigan or vice versa, a sweater must be part of your collection. You need something fashionable to keep your warm during cold weather, unless you want to go out warped in your blankets. Just make sure that any of this item mentioned is of good quality and the color matches your trousers/jean or shoe.

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    Leather belts

    As a guy you should also own at least two leather belts, one brown ,the other black. It must be solid quality leather belt. Go for a well known designer belt if you prefer but just ensure that you have belts in these two colors. With a brown and black belt, you have all bases covered; black goes with any color, use the brown belt sparing especially for formal occasions where black is usually the the widely accepted norm.

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    A Designer Perfume

    Being a guy, perfume plays an important role in life. Using an inferior perfume might not always serve you well, even if it carries a great smell. Problem with them is that they do not tend to stay on your for long periods of time. In order to avoid this, make you at least if you do not have at all, a quality designer perfume is in your wardrobe. Examples of well known designer perfumes which you can purchase includes: Chris Adams, Crocodile, Givenchi, and among others

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    A Classic Watch

    A well classic-quality watch is also important if you have one in your wardrobe as a guy. It contributes much to the respect you gain when you step ouside there into the street or any occasion. Watches are among the items a lady looks at when a guy comes in contact with her, remember that.

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    The modern man should not be without a few of these basic staples. And here above are a list of the major essentials needed in the wardrobe of a guy. Your stylish wardrobe would do well if the above listed items are inclusive.

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