How To Dress Classic As A Young Guy

In today’s world, there are so many young and talented guys who look handsome but have no fashion sense whatsoever. Why? This is because, today’s youth do not see the need to dress classic. A person’s way or style of fashion defines and renders him a high esteem of respect. Below are a few tips on how to dress classic as a young guy;


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    Consider Your Footwear

    A proverb states you can judge a man by his shoes. It is funny saying though but it makes a lot of sense. As a young guy the kind and type of shoes you put on speaks a lot about. If as a guy, you have never owned a pair of decent dress shoes (in a black or brown color at least) before then try get yourself one immediately. A pair of sneakers, hi-tops or lo-tops is not enough. Do want to be seen as some immature man-child or a self made man?

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    Dress Maturely

    As a guy, you seek respect from your family, friends, loved-ones street but if you keep on dressing like a school boy when going to work, attending an interview, you can just keep waiting my friend. You may be academically sound but in the condition of your poor fashion school looking dress, you may be declined the right and opportunity to fit into such position leaving you jobless and stranded.

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    Do Not Be In a Haste to Follow Fashion Trends

    Know that designers are highly paid to make goofy goods look reasonable in order to fit into the world’s market as one of the world’s leading fashion companies. Fashion trends come and go so do not worry about being obsolete. If you feel the need to indulge, do not immediately clear out your wardrobe for clothes that might be irrelevant in a few years unless you have money to burn.

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    Maintain Your Clothes

    You may have a good wardrobe and are probably thinking you are safe. Remember to examine your clothes regularly for stains, strayed cuffs or collars, worn out shoe areas, frayed underwear, broken accessories like watches. In doing this, you can perform constant quality control to preserve and maintain clean and good looking clothes.

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