How To be Photogenic

Some people often wonder how others tend to look so good in pictures. That is because these people have whether through conscious effort or not, mastered the art of looking great in pictures. If you have ever wondered how they do it, to be so photogenic read on.


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    Skin Care

    One of the factors key in being photogenic is the ability to maintain good skin care. Cameras are able to hide all your flaws as well as reveal them, the last thing you want is for all facial flaws to be revealed. So take care of your skin and seek advice on the appropriate skin care to help you with your take care of your body.

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    Another key in looking photogenic is the ability to look “different” in photos. Make up has the ability to transform one’s look. It is important for you to understand the basic concepts of makeup, what powder tone works for you, what shade of lipstick and vice versa. Watch online videos or tutorials that help one in the process of makeup.

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    Key Features

    Every individual has something that makes them stand out, it could be your eyes, lips, smile, teeth ear or even the length of the neck.  You need to know which of your features put you in a flattering light.

    In taking photos, flaunting any of your key features can help create a photogenic picture. For example; if it is your eyes, be sure to highlight your eye with makeup, black eye shadow with a cat eye design and stare at the camera, be sure to show case those eyes from angles. It goes for the others.

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    Show emotions

    You have seen those zombie photos, where the subject just stares straight at the camera, rigid and expressionless, there is no vibe or attitude in the picture. This is not the way to take good photos. If you are aiming for a courageous, brave vibe look, you are not going to act like a shy, lost individual in front of the camera.

    Every emotion should portray a confident look, your eyes should stare, and your lips could be in pout or a firm closure. It is important that when going for a photo shoot for the first time after failed trials, one goes with a professional photograph or a friend that is good with help poses and facial expressions. They help play a role to how you look, thus making you photogenic.


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    Angle your face

    With the help of your professional photograph, you can achieve a good angle for your photos. One can develop an angle for photos in pictures. Simply look at a mirror and turn or angle your face to the side that makes you look better. Do this whilst standing or sitting and try practicing different postures to give you different methods. For some it is a whole face, others the left side, or when they tilt their head to the side, almost looking to the top but not entirely as this can make your head look big. Practice with a mini camera or phone camera. Also watch video tutorials on this, to know more.

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    Learn the art of pose

    In photos, posing is another key to a successful picture. One has to make use of the arms, joints, neck etc. Everything plays a key role in making one look good. Putting your hands at your waist would give you a power look, on one side of your waist like a pageant queen or as this celebrities pose when they take on the red carpet. Your legs are also useful in this area, as they could be crossed in front of the other, or one knee bent towards the other. There are so many methods for this, all one needs to do is to watch photo shoots of the models and videos and practice in front of a mirror with the help of someone to help supervise, so they don’t look funny. If you can take classes, all the better.

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    Show confidence

    Photogenic people may not be considered extremely beautiful or handsome, they are ordinary looking people that just know how to accentuate their key features and make them more pronounced which helps to change their overall look. In order to look great in a photo, you have to believe that you are beautiful and strong and are unique in your own special way that will be enough to make anyone the best photogenic person in the world. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect, hiding yours won’t change the fact that the world goes on, so remove the veil of insecurity and flaunt that smile.

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    Be comfortable in what you wear

    When aiming for that great photogenic picture, you have to be comfortable in what you wear. If something doesn’t feel right, be sure to know that your picture is not going to look alright as well. So be sure to be comfortable in what you are wearing and how you are feeling, hear the opinions of others but go with what feels good to you, unless you are showcasing someone's cloth and they are paying you for it, other than that, choose comfort.

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    Develop your fashion sense

    Your outfit choice is essential to your look. One has to consider their skin tone and know what colors to use, as some colors can make one dull and others too flashy or “too much”. In order to strike a balance, dark skin tones should opt for bold vibrant colors and light skin tones should opt for paler shades. It is also needful to wear clothes that moderately fit as too tight might reveal flaws and too lose can make you appear bigger. Check with a tailor or a sales person at the shop to dress according to your body type and according to your personality.

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    Find that great environment

    In order to look good in photos, the background or environment matters. This is because they contribute to how your picture looks in overall glance. A black wall paper or white is ideal for any photo shoot, in between shades should match or compliment outfit or one will look washed out in the photos. Also natural environments tend to help one look good, autumn, snowy, spring areas in good light are perfect areas for taking photos.

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    Find the perfect light to complement

    Be sure to have good lightening as this help to lighten up the surroundings and face for a good photo. In fact lightening is one of the key attributes to help one look photogenic in photos. This is why a professional photographer is encouraged, because they understand these issues and can work with the lightening available to produce the best photos.

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    To achieve a photogenic look takes research, practice and an expertise to help you attain your desired look. If you are one to close your eyes when a picture is being taken, talk with your photographer and come with an agreement, close your eyes and after you hear a count of 2 or 3 from your photographer open them. One can also practice using small other form of camera, be it from a phone or any where else. Practice showcasing your features with a performance. All the best.


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