6 Ways To Identify Fake Leather Shoes

Real leather shoes are usually comfortable and are generally considered to add a touch of class to ones appearance. Unfortunately, there are an alarming number of fake leather shoes getting passed of as the real thing, all around the globe. Chances are, you might have fallen victim, at least once in your life.

S0 before you shell out your cash for a pair of leather shoes, you’ll need to take several factors into consideration, to help you avoid making the wrong choices. Read on to find out 6 ways to identify fake leather shoes:


  • 1

    The texture

    Consider the texture of the leather by feeling it with your hands to determine if it’s a little coarse or too smooth. Real leather shoes are supposed to feel a bit coarse and rough to touch. If your shoes have a very smoothish feel, then the leather isn’t authentic.

  • 2

    Saliva test

    This is one easy and quick way to determine the authenticity of your leather shoes. Rub a bit of saliva on the shoe, and watch to see if it absorbs the saliva or not. Real leather shoes are absorbent in nature, so if your saliva is still present, it’s because they are not real.

  • 3


    If you have worn genuine leather shoes before, chances are you already know how they smell. Fake ones have a smell that is quite similar to that of adhesive or plastic.

  • 4

    Observe leather pattern

    Carefully analyze the surface area of those leather shoes. If it’s consistently uniform, then it’s probably a fake. Real leather is known to have an uneven and imperfect pattern since it is made from animal skin.

  • 5

    Price tag

    The price of every authentic air of leather shoes, should be a bit on the high side, although there is a possibility you can come across some cheaper ones. To be sure, simply refer to some of the other tips in this article.

  • 6

    The fire test

    Take those leather shoes close to get a flame or any source of heat and watch what happens. If it begins to change in form, then it is not real leather. Real leather doesn't get deformed under fire. Remember to be careful when trying out this step.

  • 7

    Before making a payment to acquire those fine-looking leather shoes, make sure you apply these tips to avoid getting duped into buying counterfeits.

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