10 Ways to Make Good Impression on Teachers

The first day at school, college or university is always the most important one; it provides you the opportunity to make a good and lasting impression on your teachers, which you can then continue to maintain in the future. It is commonly said that the first impression is the last impression, and while this statement has become a common cliche, it is generally true. If you are able to catch the attention of your teacher on the very first day, you will most likely remain the apple of her eye for the rest of the year. The benefits of leaving a good impression on a teacher are that she or he will remain partial to you even if you have done something wrong, and you are also likely to enjoy grace marks.


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    Be neat and clean

    Your external appearance and presentation plays a massive role in creating a positive and healthy impression on your teachers. Dress nicely, and make sure that you are neat and clean. Your school uniform should be properly pressed as opposed to being rumpled, and devoid of any wrinkles or stains.

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    Punctuality is probably the most important factor you will need to take care of if you wish to make a good impression on your teachers. Teachers are extremely annoyed by students who are always late or frequently absent. If it is your first day of school or college, make sure you are ready well in time, and reach the location at least 10 to 15 minutes before the starting time of the class. Try to maintain this level of punctuality throughout the year - if you are mostly on time, your teacher will be impressed, and inclined to overlook occasional lapses.

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    Bring all the required items

    You should carefully prepare for a day at school the night before, and ensure that you are equipped with all the things that you will need. Admitting that you forgot your book, or having to borrow a pen or other stationary can leave a bad impression on your teacher.

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    Sound positive

    Whether you are introducing yourself to the teacher, or participating in any discussion in class, make sure you maintain a positive attitude, and give the impression that you are eager for knowledge. Try to keep a friendly smile on your face - this will make you instantly likeable.

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    Show your interest in everything you study in class by always doing your homework, asking relevant questions, and participating in class activities and discussions.

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    Be nice and friendly to your classmates

    You must not treat your classmates badly at any cost, because this can easily irritate and even anger your teacher. Maintain friendly relations with everybody.

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    Be respectful

    Make a deliberate attempt to show respect to the teacher; however, it is also important to not come across as fake or desperate.

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    Be attentive

    When a teacher is working hard to pass his/her knowledge on to the students, the last thing he/she wants is to see a student who is not paying attention to the lecture. Make sure you listen to everything the teacher says, and absorb every word.

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    Take responsibility

    Never shy away from any kind of responsibility that the teacher might want to assign to you - this will help your teacher see you as capable and reliable.

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    Sit on the front benches

    Quite naturally, teachers tend to give more attention to the students who sit on the benches at the front of the class - the students sitting at the back are usually taken to be the trouble-makers, or the ones who have not done their work and are trying to hide from the teacher.

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