12 Tips for Selling Your Home

Some tips to selling that house that your family has out grown. Your goal will be to make your home more appealing and modern without spending a small fortune.

1. Gather up all your old clutter, you know you have it, old board games that have not seen the light of day in years. Clothes that your child hasn’t looked at or touched for months. Do you still have those skies that you used when you were twenty and haven’t had on your feet in ten years? You no longer need this stuff. Have a huge yard sell and get rid of all that clutter. You will be making some money that you can use to spruce up your home for sell.

2. Clean out the closets in your house. Closet space is a must for new clients. The more room that there is the better the client likes it.

3. Accomplish an inspection of your house both interior and exterior. Examine your yard, if there are uneven places within your lawn where for one reason or another you had previously dug a hole buy a bag of dirt and fill the hole, then plant some quick growing grass seed. Trim your hedges. Weed your flowerbed and plant some bright annual flowers to welcome the visitor to your home. Look at the railings to your porch, if the paint is cracked, sand it down and put on a fresh coat of paint. Look for cracks in the patio, steps or your sidewalk. If you find any take action to repair the cracks.

4. Go on top of your roof, check to make sure that there are not any loose or damaged shingles, replace any worn ones. While you are up there clean out the rain gutters.

5. Go to your garage; get rid of all the clutter, move old cars out of the way. If the floor has oil stains, consider painting the floor. You want to present a spacious area.

6. Go inside your house. Look at your ceilings and walls. If there are any types of cracks or holes fix them. Paint all your rooms a neutral color of off white. The off white will emit a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.

7. De Clutter your kitchen counter tops. Get rid of all unnecessary items. Go to bare bone, a coffee pot, a toaster, a microwave and a nice vase of flowers. Show plenty of counter space.

8. Look at your cabinets; clean them with good wood cleaners so that they shine. Replace any vinyl lining that you may have inside your cabinets. You will want everything to look fresh

9. Clean your carpets, if they are worn consider spending a few hundred dollars to buy cheap neutral carpet. Have hardwood floors, then check them out to make sure they are scuff free, use a good floor polish to make your floors shine.

10. Clean your bathroom thoroughly, replace the bathroom rug, the curtain and shower curtain. Buy a fresh set of towels to show off the room. You will take all your new stuff with you when you leave; this is just to show off your room.

11.Make the house smell fresh, put out air fresheners and potpourri in strategic locations.

12. Check for leaks in the attic or basement and fix any that you find.

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