123 Appliance Repair in Pineville, NC Review

123 Appliance Repair

11021 Downs Road

Pineville, NC 28134

(704) 323-9232�


Ok, so about 3 days ago me and my wife had our washer break down. Oh no, the world was about to end and we were right at laundry day. Being the hard working fast paced people we are… well we sort of wait till the last minute to do laundry. So we called around and found the place that could work on our washer. Please note that you should take time on a phone call and make sure they know your appliance brand. Also make sure to be clear about prices, this is very important.

So we found a repair shop that could fix our Maytag Neptune. Enter 123 appliance Repair. We called them, the person who received our call was prompt and courteous. The man on the phone asked the usual information what type of washer we had and what was wrong. After explaining this information he said the times they could come out to look at it and fix it. We set up the time and now all we had to do was wait till bout 4 o’clock.

So I dropped my wife off at work and came home waited till 4 o’clock. Then came a prompt knock on the door a clean cut, courteous, workman like dressed man stood at my door and introduced himself. After the usual greetings, I showed him where the washer was and left him to his business.

After he was done he came back explained that my dryer had had the cord damaged when I moved. He then told me he had put a new one on and demonstrated that it was working. At this point came the worst part the bill, but to my surprise it was actually decent about a hours worth of labor and the part came up to 67 dollars. Trust me that is definitely a good price for same day service. I give 123 Appliance Repair a five star rating. They can service almost anything are prompt, courteous, well groomed, and well most of all they fixed the problem. I would recommend them to anyone.

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