Oak Floors: The Ultimate Choice

Have you ever walked into the foyer of a home and just looked around? The area has a beautiful chandelier hanging overhead. There is a marble staircase in front of you. The floors are a warm golden oak. What is the first thing you noticed when you walked in? If you are like most of us, the answer is the floors. Wood floors just make a house seem so much more elegant, so much more beautiful. Wood floors add character and class to a home. They increase the beauty and value of a home.

Oak is the wood of choice in most homes. It can be found in different shades and widths. It can be in different grades, but the most important things is it is oak. Oak is durable and tough. It can be walked on, literally, and still look good. You can go into houses that are several hundred years old and see the original oak floors. A little worn, but still beautiful. These floors can be sanded and then restained over and over. People often buy older homes and rip out the old carpet and are rewarded with oak floors. How’s that for a testament to the durability of oak?

Sure, carpet is softer, much softer, in fact. But in reality, carpet is a breeding ground for germs. Think about it. Your toddler spilled his food in the carpet. It’s soaked down into the fibers. Germs breed and live for a very long time in the warmth of the carpet. Wood, on the other hand, does not allow the germs to thrive and grow. A home with wood floors has less dust and therefore, less dust mites. People with certain allergies do much better in homes with wood floors.

At one time, oak floors was the normal and ordinary choice. It was a little higher quality than pine, but still priced reasonably enough that most people could afford it. It was often the only choice they had. Carpet did not come into play until the fifties and sixties. During that time people went carpet crazy. They covered everything up. Beautiful oak floors were covered with hideous colors of carpet. True, it was warmer and softer. That was a big plus for people when houses were not insulated very well. It could get mighty cold early in the mornings in January. The carpet helped taked the edge off the cold floor. It was a trend. That trend has now changed backed to wood floors being the “in” thing.

Today many people compromise on the choices between wood and carpet. Carpet wins often in bedrooms. Oak flooring wins in main living areas. Not only is it cleaner, it just plain looks better. And there is no comparison in resell value. Oak wood flooring wins hands down.

So if you want to add instant beauty and value to your home, go with oak flooring. You will not be disappointed. And in the event you ever decide to sell your home, the oak floors will be a big selling point.

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