Unusual Uses for Denture Tablets

If you wear dentures or know someone who does, you already know how fast and easy denture tablets clean and whiten false teeth. I don’t wear dentures, but my grandmother does, and I’ve found many unusual uses for denture tablets. Try these amazing and unusual uses for denture tablets. Even if you don’t wear dentures, you’ll want to buy them for many cleaning purposes in the home. They’re great for more than just dentures!

Precautionary Statement

Denture tablets should only be used to clean and brighten white fabrics. Always read and follow fabric label instructions for best results.

Tablecloths and Runners

Tablecloths and table runners become stained, no matter how much care is taken, but denture tablets are ideal for removing difficult food stains. Place three denture tablets in a large pan or sink of water, and soak a white tablecloth or runner for several minutes. Wash it as usual, and it should come out clean and brighter than ever.

Porcelain Sinks

Are your porcelain sinks a little worse for wear? If white porcelain sinks are yellowed and stained, fill them with hot water, and toss in a few denture tablets. Allow the denture tablets to work for at least one hour. When the water is drained, clean the skinks as usual. Stains should be gone, and the sinks should be sparkling white.

Porcelain Bathtubs

Old porcelain bathtubs can look very dirty and stained, especially when the finish is worn off. Clean your white porcelain bathtub as usual, and fill it with hot water. Toss in several denture tablets, and let them go to work brightening and whitening the tub. If denture tablets won’t remove old stains, nothing will, and it’s time to consider bathtub resurfacing or replacement.


White curtains can yellow in time, especially when smoking indoors. Fill up a laundry tub or washing machine with the hottest water recommended according to fabric label instructions, and toss in a few denture tablets. Allow them to soak for at least thirty minute before rinsing. Wash as usual, and they should come out bright white and clean. The washing machine will be whiter too!


Tea causes very tough stains that are hard to remove, but denture tablets are made to remove tough tea stains. If you’re tired of looking at dark rings of tea in your teapot, fill it with hot water, and add a denture tablet. Allow it to soak for at least thirty minutes before washing and rinsing as usual. The tea stains should have dissolved, and your teapot should look as good as new.


No one likes cleaning toilets, especially toilets that have been neglected. Stains can build up and make the cleanest toilet appear dirty. Toss in a couple of denture tablets if you have an exceptionally dirty toilet to clean. While cleaning the rest of the bathroom, let the denture tablets do the work for you. Flush them away, and clean the toilet as usual. It should turn out looking cleaner and brighter.


Denture tablets aren’t only for dentures. They do a fantastic job of cleaning and brightening retainers. Follow product label instructions, and clean your retainer the easy way. You’ll save a great deal of time and your retainer will look sparking clean with minimal scrubbing.

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