13 Must-Have Items in Your Emergency Kit at Home

Creating an emergency kit for your home is imperative for all families, for those unexpected natural disasters or even terrorist attacks. But, where does one begin in creating such a kit and preparing for an emergency?

Homeland Security has suggested that every family be prepared for any and all emergencies that may arise. The following items should be included in everyone’s emergency kit when preparing for an emergency.

Emergency Kit Supplies:

1. Water. The rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person, per day, for drinking and sanitation. Remember, this should be restocked every year if you store in plastic jugs as they have an expiration date. (The water does not go bad, but the plastic does and will contaminate the water.

2. Food. This should include non-perishables, and be enough for your family to last a minimum of 3 days. Canned food is great, as it has a long shelf life.

3. Manual Can Opener. To open the canned food in your kit.

4. Battery Powered Radio and Extra Batteries. To keep in touch with the outside world for further information and reports. This is especially important if the electricity goes out.

5. Flashlight and Extra Batteries. Again, in case the electricity goes out. You may want to have a few on hand, for other members of the family as well.

6. First Aid Kit. This should have all the basics, bandages, peroxide, gauze, scissors and Benedryl for any allergic reactions.

7. Whistle. In the event that you need to signal for help, this can be a lifesaver.

8. Filter Mask. Each member of your family should have one, should the air become contaminated.

9. Moist Towelettes. These can be used to sanitize your hands.

10. Wrench or Pliers. These may come in handy to turn off utilities, but are good to have on hand for many reasons.

11. Plastic Sheeting and Duct Tape. To shelter yourself in and keep any contaminants out.

12. Garbage Bags and Plastic Ties. Good to keep on hand for personal sanitation (disposing of the inevitables).

13. Unique Family Needs. These can be items such as prescription medications, infant formula, diapers and important family documents.

Preparing for an emergency is something that everyone and every family should do. A family with kids could benefit from getting the children involved in this process too. An emergency kit can be customized for everyone’s needs, but no matter what, everyone should have one.

Creating an emergency plan is important too. Talk with your family members to make sure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency. Different emergencies will require different action, so make sure that is discussed as well.

I hope that everyone will consider creating an emergency kit for their homes and families.

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