20 Practical Uses for Used Pringles Chip Cans

Pringles cans are just one of many ways to recycle things around the house. The cans are sturdy enough to be used as storage as well as ingredients for certain arts and crafts. Below are twenty practical ways you can use empty Pringles cans in your home.

Note – always thoroughly wash and dry Pringles cans before reusing them.

Use empty Pringles cans to store barrettes, bobbie pins, small bows, clasps and hair clips. Slide scrunchies and pony tail holders around the outside of the can for extra space saving storage. Toss the can into a draw and eliminate bathroom clutter.

Small children love to carry small things around with them. Decorate the outside of old Pringles cans and let them carry hotwheels cars, G.I. Joes, My Little Pony accessories or whatever small toys they happen to like. At the end of the day snap the lid on top and throw the can in the toy box.

When you are painting a room that requires more than one coat of paint, store your used roller in any old Pringles can to keep it from drying out between uses. Cap and place in the fridge. A paint roller will stay in good condition for at least a week when stored this way.

Glue wrapping paper of any kind around the outside of a Pringles’s can, stuff with tissue or cellophane and fill with a small gift. This works for any holiday or special event.

Yarn can be easily stored and kept from unwinding by being put into Pringles cans. Use a Sharpie permanent marker to label the cans to match yarn inside.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever heard about in regards to recycling old Pringles cans is using the tube to create water balloon launchers, potato propellers and the like. I don’t know how to make them myself but there’s a video about it on soakermedia. Click here to see the video.

Pringles cans make great vases, especially for artificial flowers. Place floral foam or marbles or sand at the bottom of a Pringles can and fill with flowers. Decorating the outside of the tube for added flair or leave as is.

Store spools of thread in recycled Pringles cans. Label and sort according to color and type of thread.

Roll up pantyhose and tie in a ball as usual but instead of tossing them into a drawer to get snagged on bra hooks and belts, shove them into a Pringles can, toss in the freezer and they’ll last longer.

If you are limited on space and find that trying to store stationary in your desk in the box it came in takes up too much room, then roll your stationary up and put it inside Pringles cans.

Photography equipment can be expensive; lighting materials especially. Try cutting the end off of a Pringles can to make your own makeshift snoot.

Save your ziplock baggies for the kitchen. Use recycled Pringles can to store toothpaste, toothbrushes and combs the next time your travel. Just remember you can’t do this with carry-on luggage. Check with the Airlines for current travel guidelines.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight? Trying to cut down on eating so many cookies? Control portions by storing snacks in the smaller sized Pringles cans.

Create labels and use construction paper and clear contact paper to decorate the outside of several Pringles cans. Use them to store larger quantities of spices.

Instead of leaving a sugar bowl on the counter poke holes in the lid of a clean, used Pringles can. Fill the can with sugar. Hot glue or superglue the lid to the can and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Use as a sugar shaker when baking. Simply toss when the can is empty. This works great for powdering brownies and cakes with confectioners sugar.

Use postcards, wrapping paper, pictures from calendars or magazines to cover the can. Put a slit in the top of the lid and replace. You now have a very stylish piggy bank.

Fill several Pringles cans with sand and glue the lid on. Place on a flat surface and give children rings to toss around the cans. This makes a great, simple game for children’s birthday parties and carnivals.

Cover an old Pringles can with construction paper and slap a first aid symbol on it. Stuff it with Band-Aids, ointment, gauze, aspirin and emergency contact numbers. Store it in the glove compartment or trunk of your car for a small, easy-to-get-to first aid kit.

Use a box cutter and make a long vertical cut down the side of a Pringles can. Leave at least two inches at each end. Make two smaller horizontal cuts at the ends so that you can see inside the can. (the cuts will resemble the capital letter I) Put a hotdog on a bun and place both inside the can. Close the can and place it in the sun for about 90 minutes.. Voila! A solar hot dog oven.

I did not know this until my husband told me about it, but apparently you can build an antenna using an old Pringles can. Since I don’t know how to do such things I appealed to google and here’s a tutorial that teaches you how. Click here for the tutorial.

Help relieve our landfills a bit and recycle household goods – including used Pringles cans.

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