3 Favorites that Will Make Your Mouth Water

The South Shore Community is located in Chicago’s south side between the 67th and 79th streets on the east and west of Stony Island and Lake Michigan. Its roots are very simple, a German truck driver Ferdinand Rohn, used the swampland trails to transport his goods. This area is populated by 61,000 residents in Chicago, with many being African-Americans, though through the City revitalization, more White, Asian, Hispanics and other ethnicities are flocking to the area. On any given day in South Shore, you will find great local restaurants that make your tongue sing with the flavors of southern cuisine, and great American cuisine.

The 5 Loaves Restaurant, is a quaint restaurant, more of like a Mom and Pop establishment that caters to each individual that steps into the small but cozy space. With fresh meals like the tasty Chicken Salad Sandwich, which is prepared with finely chopped chicken breast, juicy raisins, and nuts, the combination, makes your mouth water as you bit into the fresh bread along with the Creamy Potato Salad that accompanies it. Other entrees at the restaurant include fresh smoothies, general breakfast items, and fulfilling southern cuisine dinners. The restaurant offers catering for small and large events as well. It is located at 2343 East 71st Street
Call 773-363-0393 for more information.

Another South Shore favorite is the B & G Barbecue Restaurant. Once you walk into the doors and your nostrils pick up the tantalizing smells of the cooked ribs, your tongue will be ready for the Mini-Barbecue Tip Special, a $4.00 entr�©e that is sure to have your stomach full satisfied but make sure you are eating the meal somewhere sitting down. It is an entr�©e that requires several napkins, and some liquids to accompany the southern favorite, which sometimes sells out quickly during the day. B & G is located on 71st Street near Paxton Avenue.

Not really into Southern foods, or rib tips, then the newly opened Rainbow Beach Sub Shop serves everything from American Cuisine, to Mexican entrees. Billed as the “Original Rainbow Lemonades House” it serves the best fresh mixed Lemonade’s with a slice of lemonade and cherry on top of the special sweet concoction. Not only will you get fresh food with a smile, you will be able to sit down in a clean establishment that is in the heart of South Shore. The restaurant is located at 7520 S. Exchange Avenue, Chicago, IL 60649, or call your order to 773-978-2200.

These are just a few of the tasty elements in the South Shore Community. Why not stop by today? Leave the dishes at home and stop by one of these establishments today, you will not be disappointed.

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