Recipe to Make Chicken Stock

Stock forms the foundation for many delicious foods and dishes such as soups, stews, rice dishes and other sides. Although it is simply a flavoured water preparation, the effort and time that go into creating a stock goes a long way in adding rich and desirable flavours to your food.

Prep time: 4 hours

Bones: 1 whole chicken


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    Make Magic

    Start by placing the bones and chosen vegetables in a pot. Place it on your stove top burner and pour enough cold water in to cover them with 1-2 inches. Turn the burner on low and let it take it's time. It may take up to 1 hour for the water to heat up significantly, but this approach will reap rewards.

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    Time Well Spent

    Ideally, the stock should remain on this heat for 4 hours. Every once and a while check on the stock and skim the build up as needed. You will be able to do other things around the kitchen while your stock simmers.

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    Strain and Store

    Once the 4 hours has passed, pour the stock over a strainer into storage jars or plastic container. Carefully pour the stock into as many containers as needed. Allow the stock to cool and then store in the refrigerator. This part of the process allows the gelatin and other solids collect at the top once again. This is the sign of a good stock.

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    The stock is now ready to use. Enjoy, we are sure you will make it again.

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