Pizza Restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct

In Rocky Hill, Ct, people take their pizza seriously. This well- manicured suburban town seven miles south of Hartford, Ct is home to several Pizza restaurants that offer their own versions of the tasty pies. From thin crust to thick, from plain Mozzarella Cheese to pies loaded with a multitude of ingredients, Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct offer it all. Some Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct offer lunch specials such as a large slice of pizza and a soda for a low price, while others focus on producing whole pies.

Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct are a popular destination for families with young children.Because pizza is synonymous with fun and its appeal cuts across all age groups, most Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct offer special deals and prices to children and senior citizens. Childrens Birthday Parties and various social occasions are often hosted at Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct.

While pizza in its myriad forms is generally the most- requested item at Rocky Hill, Ct Pizza restaurants, most of the establishments also offer menu items such as grinders(subs), salads and various pasta and Italian dishes. Some even feature items such as Grilled Steaks, Chops, and Seafood. For large parties and special events, sheet- Pan Pizzas are often prepared by Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct.

Whether it is one slice, or an entire extra- large pie that is desired, the following list of Pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct is designed to aid the consumer in their quest for the perfect pie.

1.) The Arch Pizza and Restaurant..396 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill, Ct (860)563-0197
A full menu of Italian favorites is offered at this Rocky Hill, Ct Pizza restaurant. A wide variety of Chicken, Veal and Seafood dinners are availble. Portions are large and quite delicious. Grinders(subs) are filled with top- quality meats, vegetables and cheeses. Pizza reigns at The Arch, however, as it should. Their pies are great ! An excellent restaurant for pizza lovers of all ages.

2.) City Pizza..2132 Silas Deane Hgwy, Rocky Hill, Ct (860)563-5111
Although City Pizza makes a mighty good pizza pie and sells lots of them, they are also known for their incredible grinders(subs). Their sandwiches are packed with the freshest of ingredients and are quite large. Fried Chicken and Seafood, Chicken wings and pasta and Italian dinners are also featured.

3.) Domino’s Pizza..397 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill, Ct, (860)721-8600
What can be said ? They are everywhere. At least You know what to expect. Domino’s produces a very good pizza. Their Pizza Sauce is quite tasty and has a ‘kick’ to it. The crust is nice and chewy. As far as chain- restaurant pizzas go, Domino’s is the best ! Recommended.

4.) Michel Angelo’s Pizza Restaurant..825 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill, Ct (860)257-3136
Michel Angelo’s is a bright and airy Pizza restaurant in Rocky Hill, Ct. They offer an extensive menu of Italian favorites, from appetizers to full- course dinners. Their salads are fresh and exciting, and their grinders(subs) are stuffed with delicious ingredients. Seafood, chicken, veal, eggplant and pasta dinners are excellent. From the Grill, they offer Prime Rib ( Fri and Sat ), Grilled Pork Loin, New York Sirloin and Grilled Ribeye steaks. The really outstanding item at Michel Angelo’s however, is the pizza. Their pizza is outstanding and excellent.

5.) West Side Pizza Restaurant..945 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill, Ct (860)563-5021
The pizza at West Side Pizza Restaurant is some of the best pizza in Rocky Hill, Ct. Available in slices, as well as whole pies. Their grinders(subs) are fresh and tasty, particularly the cold ham and the hot meatball. A wide assortment of Italian and pasta dishes are offered at this Pizza restaurant in Rocky Hill, Ct. Everything on the menu at West Side Pizza is superb ! Very reasonable prices and family- friendly. Highly recommended.

Hopefully, this list is of assistance to the consumer seeking pizza restaurants in Rocky Hill, Ct.

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