Best Places to Eat in Lawrenceville Ga

Here is some of the best eating Lawrenceville GA has to offer.

Finis Italian Restaurant
Located in the Heart of the New Huntcrest neighborhood, in Lawrenceville GA, Finis Italian Restaurant at 1032 Old Peachtree Road, In the Publix Plaza, is favorite local Italian restaurant.
Fair Prices: A large pizza can feed a family of four, or a small pizza can feed two of us when we can get away. The calzones can also be split between two people if you want to leave room for the Italian Ice. The prices are comparable to other restaurants in the area.
Great Reputation: This is as authentic as New York Pizza gets. They are new to GA but have been around for generations in NY. As a child in Yonkers, a NY suburb, I ate pizza at the restaurant of the owners’ father. There is also a line to get on Friday and Saturday Evenings, so word of their great food has spread fast.
Taste: Delicioso!
Service: Service is excellent. They are attentive and personable.
Atmosphere: This is a great family friendly restaurant with little distractions like TV and video games and a great neighborhood restaurant. LOOK for new locations owned by this family, opening throughout Lawrenceville GA.

Big Joy II Chinese Restaurant

Duluth Highway, in Lawrenceville
This restaurant, near Hobby Lobby, my favorite Chinese local restaurant.
Excellent Prices: I can feed my family of four a dinner for $30.00 and have enough food to take home for lunch the next day. The serving sizes are enormous for the price.
Great Reputation: They hold several local distinctions and awards.
Taste: Their food is absolutely yummy! They have two menus, one for the Americanized Chinese food lovers, which is what you get in most Chinese restraints, and one if you like your Chinese food more authentic.
Service: Service is Awesome. You will never, ever, have to wait for anything there. My kids and I actually have a game that we like to play to test the server. We try to finish our glass of water before someone comes over to fill it. With the exception of the time we just chugged the whole glass of ice-cold water, resulting in ice headaches, we have never done it. Our giggling every time they fill our glasses must make them think we are insane.
Atmosphere: We always feel welcome in this restaurant. The owner recognizes us (we probably eat there twice a month) and the staff is always polite. The place is well lit, has a pleasant decor and is child friendly.

Golden Corral

2155 Riverside Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
The food is good… very good but the customer service is weak. On Sundays, the price is elevated.
Excellent Prices: I can feed my family of four a dinner for $30.00 and have enough food to take home for lunch the next day. Price: The price is fair but on Sundays, the price is elevated. I feel like I have to eat myself sick to get my moneys worth.
Great Reputation: Very popular restaurant. It is always crowded.
Taste: Very good buffet style food with a lot to choose from. Also nutritious.
Service: Service is generally poor. Fortunately, with the exception of drinks it is a self-serve restaurant. They do not handle large parties well at all. You are usually viewed as an inconvenience and forced to split up. Not recommended for groups of more than eight.
Atmosphere: Family restaurant. You do not have to worry about keeping the kids quiet; you can just let them be themselves (within reason).

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