How to Make a Continental Breakfast

No matter if you are making it for yourself, a dear one or even clients, you must know how to make and present a continental breakfast. This type of breakfast comprises variety of food but it does not have heavy foods like meat, bacon, sausage, French toast etc.

You create a perfect continental breakfast with the help of light, refreshing and simple food items. It is not only easy to prepare but it is very cost effective. All you need to do is to select basic items of continental food and then jazz it up by adding other nutritious alternatives.


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    First of all you must find out the regular food items of a continental breakfast. You will have to do a bit research for that purpose. Visit different hotels, motels and food chain outlets to make a list of the things. Mostly, continental breakfast includes fruits, juices, bakery items, coffee, tea etc.

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    After making a list of all food items, you should know your target audience. You must plan your menu according to their desires and requirements. If it is not possible then use your wits and decide yourself. For instance, if you are entertaining a group of professionals who are attending long seminars then putting fruits and juices is a good idea as it will keep them fresh and active.

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    While selecting fruits, you must consider those that are instant source of energy. Keeping apples, oranges and bananas in your menu is a good idea as they are not only rich in nutritious elements but also fill the appetite properly. However, presentation is very important as you must entice them to eat these fruits. You may make platters or serve in glass goblets to make it more presentable.

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    Another important thing is to place bakery items on the breakfast table. There is a long list of items in this section as you can put bagels, muffins, donuts, croissants along with, butter and cheese. It is better to keep them in small size so that your guests can have space for other things.

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    You can also add low fat sandwiches by using whole grain breads. You may offer sugar free cereals, granola and yogurt to your guests.

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    In the end you must serve them hot beverages like coffee and tea. Give them option to have mixed or separate tea or coffee. You should have fruit juices and bottled water as cold beverages.

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