4 Hot Kitchen Gadgets Cooks and Bakers and Seafood Lovers

Gourmac Cookie Stamps

In the old days Great Grandma used to make shortbread and butter cookies that had designs stamped on the cookies rather than cookie shapes that most cookie makers create with shaped cookie cutters like gingerbread men and stars and hearts. Our grandmothers used hard glass to impress the dough and leave a lasting mark as a signature design. Today, however, you can recapture that nostalgia by creating your own stamped shortbread cookies using a durable acrylic cookie stamper made by Gourmac. A set of 12 stamps cost under $9. A great bargain and a great conversation piece. Gourmac makes 2 different kinds of sets, one in nostalgia designs, and another in a winter holiday motif. Because these cookie stamps are made of acrylic, the Gourmac people say they are safe to use with children. And as an added bonus, they are even dishwasher safe.

You can purchase this dandy hot kitchen gadget online by going to

Additionally, for recipes for cookie stamps visit this link below:

Gourmac Seafood Utensils

Seafood Utensils are not only functional, but the folks at Gourmac have created a wonderful assortment of fun and festive tools to deal with all kinds of seafoods. The tools are stainless steel and the handles are cute and attractive polyresin sculptures from lobster and crab shapes to seashell cocktail picks to clam shaped clam knives. Whether you need an oyster knife or a shrimp deveiner or a crab fork, these hot little kitchen gadgets will be the talk of your next seafood party and you’ll want to buy several pieces. Priced at about $4 per tool, these are a steal of a deal.

You can order online here:


Gourmac Roast-In-Hand Lifter

Imagine lifting a roasted chicken or ham or even turkey with ease as you transport it from large roasting pan to cutting board or serving platter. Well that is exactly what you can do with the Gourmac Roast-In-Hand Lifter which resembles a large mechanical hand! The special wide and multi pronged hand-like tongs will have you serving with grace under pressure as your holiday dinner guests watch you remove your mouth-watering roasted masterpiece from the oven. It is heat resistant and dishwasher safe and even has the ability to be folded compactly when not in use for easy and efficient storage. For just under $20 you will want this hot gadget for all your holidays!


Gourmac Garlic Slicer and Shredder

Any cook worth his salt loves to use garlic. And anyone who loves garlic will love this awesome hot kitchen gadget that serves two great purposes. Gourmac makes an ergonomic Garlic slicer that slices on one side and shreds on the other. The blade is stainless steel and the handle is shaped as a hand-protector. There is a rubber non-stick base and the garlic is tightly gripped. Dishwasher safe too! All this for just under $5 and you can buy it online here.


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