Finding the Best Pizza in Kenosha

In Kenosha, Wisconsin there are more than 35 pizza parlors. With a population of about 90,000, that is a pizza joint for every 3,000 residents. With so many choices, how to choose? You can always play it safe and choose a chain like Dominos or Pizza Hut. But for delicious authentic Italian-style pizza you may want to try some of the following:

Villa De Carlo restaurant is located at 5140 6th Ave. Located just north of the downtown area, Villa De Carlo offers an outdoor seating area in nice weather and charming d�©cor. They decorate extensively for every season and holiday. The low lighting accented by candles on the table and strings of white holiday lights on the ceiling offer an intimate experience. A main attraction for children and the young at heart is the paper tablecloths and jar of crayons offered at each table. You can color on the table as you wait for you food, which may take a while if you visit on the weekend. They offer a complete Italian menu as well as pizza for dine-in or carry out. They only offer a thin crust pizza, so if you are looking for a gooey deep-dish pizza, the crispy crust will disappoint you. Their pizza is considered some of the best in Kenosha but you may also want to try their spinach salad with the warm dressing or the cheese ravioli. There is a small bar but no smoking anywhere inside the restaurant. Major complaints are long wait for seating and long wait for dine-in pizza. Your best bet is to visit on a weekday or to call ahead.

Luigi’s Pizza Kitchen & Restaurant located at 7531 39th Avenue, has been a town favorite for over 30 years. They offer dine-in, carry out and delivery service. While there have been some complaints about the quality of the service when calling in and picking up orders, the pizza is so good and affordable that the service does not keep many folks away. They offer a full Italian menu and fried chicken and a delicious Friday fish fry. They are closed on Mondays and are open Tuesday through Sunday from 4:30 – Midnight. Luigi’s Pizza only comes in a thin crust, for a real treat order extra cheese.

For something really different, try Frankie D’s Pizzeria at 8207 22nd Ave. While their regular pizza menu is only slightly above average, they offer some unique specialty pizzas. The Mexican Pizza features a taco sauce cheddar cheese, tomatoes, black olives, onions, beef, and jalapenos. Or try the DeBartolo Special, which is served in olive oil with cheese, tomatoes, basil and fresh garlic. A personal favorite is the Frank D’s Special which is a delicious treat of cheese, chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, w/oregano, garlic, and parmesan cheese served in alfredo sauce. You can choose a thin, pan or deep dish and a variety of sauces including traditional red sauce, alfredo, barbeque, white wine sauce, or olive oil. The service is excellent and the prices are affordable. A large thin crust specialty pizza is only $13.50. They offer carry out or delivery only.

One place you may want to avoid is Derango, The Pizza King Restaurant at 2135 31st Street. While some feel the food is average there have been many complaints about the quality. Undercooked chicken, chicken bones in the soup and brown lettuce in the salad top the list. But what may be most disturbing are the numerous complaints regarding the service. Many customers complain of long waits to be greeted by a server. Credit billing errors that take weeks to get corrected and refusal to honor published coupons are among the most shocking complaints. An interesting irony is that they are criticized for their service but praised for their donations to schools and other civic events.

Kenosha has a rich Italian heritage. Italian immigrants began to settle in Kenosha in the 1890s. In the mid 1920’s Nash Motor Corporation, later American Motors Corporation and now Chrysler Engine Plant, began an aggressive recruiting campaign in Italy after Charles Nash and his family had toured Italy. These Italian immigrants opened numerous small businesses in Kenosha, many of which are still family owned and operated today. But the most delicious legacy to the Italian immigrants remains the delicious authentic pizza.

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