4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

In this article I’m not going to cover affiliate marketing or Google Adsense. Instead, I want to turn you to 4 ways to make money blogging that are a little more cut-and-dried. While hooking up with affiliates is not something I’m against, I’m only just starting to delve into those possibilities and am not familiar enough with them to lead you down that road. Instead, I’ll inform you of 4 quick and easy ways to make fast cash online. No waiting for your balance to reach a certain dollar amount, no hoping for clicks that’ll get you paid a referral fee.

I’ll start with Blogitive. This company is legit (as all the ones I’m about to inform you of) and pays on a weekly basis through PayPal. Their website is a little less comprehensive on explaining exactly what you do and how to get approved with them. Before you apply, build your blog traffic to a decent amount. You don’t have to have 1,000 visitors every day, but in order to be approved and start making money blogging, there needs to be a fair amount of traffic. Once you’re past that hurdle, apply. Once they’ve accepted you, you simply log into Blogitive with your email address and click the ‘Open Offers’ tab. If there are offers available on your screen and you want them, click on Accept. You have a little less than two days to complete offers and you get paid $5 for each completed offer. The complete instructions will be right there with the offer. Blogitive gives you the exact wording to use for the link, the link itself, and information about the press release, which you will talk about in your own blog.

Here’s a tip: I tack onto the end of an already existing post ‘This post brought to you by:’ and then do a little write-up about the client. Blogitive has also accepted ‘And now a word from our sponsors’ and other obvious advertisements. You can also work it into the context of the post. Blogitive will let you know in a day or two via email whether the posting has been approved. Be careful to watch the wording, however. If there is something wrong with your post, they do give you the chance to correct it, but the wording on the email title can be tricky. Either you will receive ‘Blog Post Approved’ or ‘Blog Post Approval’, the latter meaning there is something you need to correct about your post in order to receive payment. If it’s approved, voilÃ? ! $5 will be sent to your PayPal account. Blogitive is by far one of the easiest methods to make money blogging. You need to check the site often for available offers, and you have to be quick, but it’s easy work and well worth the effort, in my estimation.

Blogitive is not the only company that follows this process. PayPerPost is VERY similar in structure. However, in order to make money blogging with PayPerPost, your blog needs to be at least 90 days old and have at least 20 existing posts before you can start accepting offers with them. Like Blogitive, it needs to have a decent traffic flow. With PayPerPost, they pay you on a monthly basis, thirty days after you posted about the client. This is for the purpose of knowing that your post will stay there for at least thirty days. PayPerPost’s payment varies based on assignment and you don’t have to wait for offers. You click on their Available Opportunities and there will be pages of offers that you can pick up. The payout is based on what is to be done and on the client. They also pay by PayPal. They do have some rules, such as no identical postings and posts on clients may not be consecutive on your blog. Reading the Terms of Services (at the bottom of the page) is a MUST before applying with PayPerPost.

The third of this type of company is Blogging Ads. It’s the same concept. Five dollars for posting one-time ads on your blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is a relatively new company, so there aren’t that many clients yet. They will email you the offers. In order to be approved with them, your blog must have good traffic and be cached with Google. Type this in Google: cache:http://sitename.com/ (insert your blog address for “sitename.com”). If it’s not there, it’s not cached. Like Blogitive and PayPerPost, you also need to have your blog indexed at Google and Yahoo. This is a must. Blogging Ads also pays through PayPal.

And finally, there is Blogsvertise. This does not require that you be cached or indexed, but it does want you to have the traffic. That’s the key with all these companies. They want to know that people will actually be visiting your blog and seeing the clients’ ads. All you have to do is register an account and your blog with them. Once you are approved, they will email you offers. Each ad you post must have three links to the client. You can say whatever you want and are in no way obligated to “endorse” these clients. All you have to do is post about them. The current going rate for new accounts is $10 per post that is approved. Your post is permanent and not to be removed. And to sweeten the pot, you could even make more than this: “We will consider increasing the payout rate to accounts based on the quality of the blog, the performance of assigned tasks and how long you have had an account with us. All payout increases are done on a case by case basis. If you have established an account with us and have successfully completed/approved 5 tasks you may Contact Us for approval of a payout increase.” Payments are made thirty days after your assignment has been completed.

So, there you go: four legitimate ways to make money blogging that require very little effort on your part. The best part is that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. You are being an Independent Contractor for multiple companies, so if you aren’t getting anything from one company, you have others to rely on. As I mentioned earlier, I am not familiar enough with affiliate programs to talk about them, but think of all the other avenues you have to make money blogging. These four companies are not the only ways you can make money blogging. There are so many other sources to draw from, such as being an Amazon or Chitika Associate, or doing the Google Adsense. I would also like to mention that these companies are relatively new, as is the concept. I fully expect similar companies to pop up in the future, giving you even more to draw from to make money blogging. I have personally done all four of these and I’m pleased with my earnings.

To recap: all four companies I mentioned for making money blogging pay by PayPal. PayPerPost and Blogsvertise pay thirty days AFTER your offer/assignment has been completed, while Blogitive and Blogging Ads pay once a week. It takes so little time to earn with these companies and is worth the small effort. The only real “work” I feel I had to do was getting enough traffic to my various blogs. Using pinging services or using Qumana to ping was very helpful in boosting my traffic. Over the last few months, I have made nearly $700 by making money with my blog and I’ve been doing it in my spare time. You can do this to and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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