5 Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Toilet Seat

If you have a boring old toilet seat and don’t want to buy decorative fuzzy toilet seat covers, then try some of the following techniques and ideas in order to make a personalized “splash” on your toilet seat.

1. One easy way to decorate your toilet seat is to cut out your favorite pictures and text from a magazine and create a collage. Use one part PVC clue mixed with one part water so you can get the pictures secured to the plastic. Then use some urethane epoxy to coat over your collage. The epoxy is available in clear satin and high gloss at most hardware stores. Whatever finish you use is up to you, but it will make the collage look professional and make cleaning the decorated toilet seat easy to clean.

2. For a toilet seat located in a kid’s bathroom or for a bathroom that has a fun atmosphere in it, just go to town on the toilet seat with permanent marker. Let your kid’s express themselves in different ways as they make cute little kids drawings. Plain old toilets seats aren’t that expensive and can be swapped out very easily.

3. Using stickers is a quick way to get that toilet seat decorated. After you fill up the toilet seat with funky stickers, then makes sure you use the urethane epoxy as mentioned in first creative way to decorate your toilet seat.

4. Try bumper stickers. You can crop them to fit how you want if you need to and there is no shortage of bumper stickers in the world. Once again, use the epoxy to coat the top so your creation can last longer.

5. Lastly, do something basic like using stencils. Go to your local craft store for a nice selection of stencils ranging from ivy to lettering. Trace the outline in pencil or ink and then paint it with some enamel paint.

Have you noticed how many of your friends and family members have the simple white toilet seat in their bathrooms? Why not break away from that and stay away from the fuzzy lids by using any one of the above ways to decorate your toilet seat.

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