5 Simple Ways to Clean Underneath Your Refrigerator

You clean under your stove. You clean your floors and sinks, but how many times have you cleaned under your refrigerator? Many people overlook or avoid cleaning under their fridge simply because they don’t know how to.

I have come up with some simple ways to clean under your fridge which will help you have a cleaner kitchen. All of these tips are child friendly, meaning no chemicals are involved.

1) You can use an inexpensive yard stick to clean debris from underneath your refrigerator. Using a yard stick is a great way to get pet hair or papers out from under your fridge. To get paper out from under your fridge using a yard stick simply roll some duct tape and place it on the end of the yard stick. This will allow the yard stick to grab the paper from under your fridge.

2) Another simple yet effective way to clean under your fridge is by using a hanger. To use a hanger simply unravel the neck of the hanger and stretch it out. This will make the hanger flexible and you will be able to move and hook pet hair and other debris that may be under your fridge.

3) Using your vacuum cleaner hose is another way that you can clean under your refrigerator. However, your vacuum cleaner hose can not fit under your refrigerator and will only pick up the dust, dirt and pet hair that is close to the outer edges. You can use the proper attachment but it still will not get all of the debris. Your vacuum cleaner hose will also not pick up papers that hide under your fridge either.

4) One of the best ways to clean under your fridge is by using a dryer brush. A dryer brush is cheap and flexible. They have wire flex handles and small bristle brush heads that are great for picking up pet hair, dirt and paper. These brushes are small and fit easily under your fridge. You can find these brushes in several different sizes at the dollar store or even at more popular stores like Wal-Mart or hardware stores.

5) You can also use a duster to clean under your fridge. I don’t recommend using a feather duster but would rather recommend using a wool or fiber duster. Some dusters come with an expandable handle which makes it easier to reach under your refrigerator. A duster can be bought at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, the hardware store and several other stores. Dusters are great for picking up pet hair and dirt but not papers.

Now that you know of some cost effective and simple ways to clean under your fridge, there shouldn’t be any need for you to move your refrigerator the next time you clean under it. However, you may still need to move your refrigerator from time to time to clean the dirt and other debris that gets stuck to your floors and that can’t otherwise be cleaned up by using these simple tips.

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