5 Thrifty Ways to Increase Linen Cupboard Storage Space

When you are short of linen storage space like I am, you quickly learn that the secret to finding room for all those sheets and towels is organization. A well organized linen cupboard frees up storage space and makes finding what you need much easier. Installing a closet organizer is one way to increase your storage space but that’s not the only solution. For thrifty minded homemakers (and who isn’t these days?) here are five free ways to increase storage space in your linen closet or cupboard.

Declutter. Because my linen cupboard is in the kitchen, it often becomes a catchall for odds and ends. Decluttering the cupboard by removing anything that doesn’t belong is an easy way to free up extra space.

Refold the towels. Have you ever noticed how the towels in a hotel are folded? Instead of the flat quarter fold, hotel towels are folded in thirds to stack more neatly while taking up less space. Here’s how to fold a towel “hotel style.”

Fold the towel in half length wise.
Fold in half on the width.
Instead of folding the towel in half again like you normally might do, fold this section in thirds to create a thick fold.

Move some of the bed linens. Another way I free up space in my linen cupboard is to put one complete set of clean sheets and a blanket in the bottom dresser drawer of each bedroom. If you don’t have dresser space for spare bed linens, the linens can be placed beneath the bed in an old suitcase.

Refold bed linens. The bed linens that remain in the cupboard should be folded neatly as well. I store my folded sheets in the clear vinyl bags they were originally purchased in; an old pillowcase will work as a substitute.

Make some cabinet door towel holders. Back in the “old” days before closet organizers, creative homemakers used supplies like ribbons and elastic to make hanging holders that could be tucked inside a door. I have several elastic holders in my linen cupboard which are study enough to hold rolled up hand towels, wash cloths and table napkins. To make your own elastic holders, you will need some elastic, a stapler, and a scissors.

To make the hangers:
Cut the elastic to fit in the space between shelves.
Staple the top and bottom of the elastic to the inside of the cabinet door.
Roll up the towels or napkins and stack inside the elastic.

Finding room in a linen closet is all about making the most of the space you have. Removing what doesn’t belong and carefully refolding what stays is a simple and free way to expand your storage space.

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