5 Ways to Increase Your Sales

If you have never sold anything in your life then you are probably nervous or not confident when you ever try to sell an item to a customer. Here are some five ways to increase your sales.

1. Increase Sales by Sounding Confident. You have to sound confident when talking about the product. You need to give the customers the impression that you know what you are talking about. You need to be able to tell people about the products without sounding like a script. People can tell when you have been reading off of a script that you don’t have memorized. A script that is memorized and with practice then you can say it and sound confident.

2. Increase Sales by Being Friendly. People like to talk to sales people who are friendly. Be kind and smile most of the time. Don’t talk too much though. You want to stay in control of the conversation, but you don’t want to come across as being a pushy sales person. If the customers say they are just looking around then just leave and check back every once in a while to see if they need any help finding an item or have any questions.

3. Increase Sales by Asking the right questions. Ask the customers if they are looking for any specific product. Ask them what they plan to use it for. For Example, When a customer buys a item such as a computer then ask them what they plan to use the computer for so you can get them the right computer system that they need. It shows to them that you care about them when you ask the right questions. It shows that you care about their needs and want them to be happy with a product.

4. Increase Sales by always attempting to close the deal. Close the deal means to make the sale. You can often hint it such as asking them if they would like to have the item carried up to the cash register if it is a little too heavy. You can also ask them if they would any other additional item(s)with the product or recommend other items that would go along great with the item(s).

5. Increase Sales by never Assume What Products The Customers Want. Don’t make the mistake of assuming what items the customers would like. Don’t be pushy. Don’t try to sell them things over and over again if they indict the first or second time that they aren’t interested in additional products. Don’t make them think that you only care about getting a sale. Think of your customers as your friends in a way. Talk to your customers as you would give advice and suggestions to a friend.

Always make sure to smile when talking to customers. Customers love to see a happy sales person. There is nothing worse than going to a store and have to deal with crabby over worked tired sales people. Most of all have fun at selling products to people. Good Luck!

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