Bartending Schools in New York City Versus on the Job Training

One of the first reasons attending bartending school is a better choice than learning how to mix drinks on the job is that most employers won’t even hire you if you don’t have any experience or training. Just to get your foot in the door you will have to spend an indefinite amount of time paying your dues as a bar back with no promise of an end in sight. Bartending schools teach y you how to mix drinks, interact with customers, and give you the experience you will need to get a job as a bartender.

Taking a bartending class versus on the job training is also a better option for other reasons. In particular learning the correct way to mix different drinks is one of the best reasons. If you are learning from someone else who isn’t qualified to teach, you may learn wrong recipes for drinks. This could result in dissatisfied customers. Bartending school students also learn the art of Mixology. This teaches students what combinations of flavors go well together to create unique and memorable drinks.

Taking bartending classes is a quicker method of learning the bartending trade compared to learning on the job. Bartending schools have a focused and hands on training that allows you to learn all you need to know in a short amount of time. Learning on the job will also involve other daily chores such as sweeping, mopping, icing down beverages, and more. Most of these are mundane tasks that you do not need any training for. The addition of these side work requirements can slow you down and keep you form your ultimate goal to become a great bartender.

Knowing why you need to attend bar tending school if you are looking for a job, as a bartender in the food service industry is only half the battle to accomplishing your goal. You have got to find a school that fits your needs and budget so you can get started. New York City has a large selection of different bartending schools. Prices are different at each one. Classes can range from intensive longer classes that let you graduate in a shorter amount of days to classes that are only a few hours a week. Shorter classes can be squeezed in around your existing job. Don’t let a need to earn money be the reason you decide to jump straight into any job opening in the bartending field. Bartending school will help you learn more, achieve a better job faster, and open a lot of doors that would otherwise be closed. Here are a few suggestions bartending school in the area.

An Authentic Bartending Schools is located at 38 West 32nd Street, New York, New York, 10001. They can be reached at (212) 736-4422.

ABC Bartending School is located at 500 8th Avenue, New York, New York, 10018. They can be reached at (212) 594-4146.

New York Bartending School is located at 68 West 39th Street, Mew York, New York, 10018. They can be reached at (212) 768-8460.

New York School of Bartending is located at 990 Bat Street, Staten Island, New York, 10305. Staten Island is about seven miles outside of New York City. They can be reached at (718) 981-1671.

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