5 Worst WWE Video Games Ever Made

As WWE fans play and thrive in the new WWE 2K14, people are constantly saying it may be the greatest WWE video game ever. It faces some stiff competition with a lot of other titles providing non-stop action, great graphics and memorable rosters.

While a majority of WWE games have been hits, there have many flops too. Even if you’re the biggest WWE fan, there’s really no reason to play any of these old game releases.

WWE Crush Hour

Yes, Stone Cold Steve Austin loved to crush cars with a special monster truck every now and then. This doesn’t mean it would make a good video game concept. WWE Crush Hour was a blatant rip off and Twisted Metal. It had terrible graphics, terrible control and the game really made no sense. This game isn’t even worth looking at in the bargain bin.

WWE King of the Ring

The GameBoy was pretty limited for controls with wrestling games, but there were a few successes like WWE Superstars and WWE Superstars 2. The King of the Ring was a huge failure. The roster was terrible, you could never select your own opponent and there was no fun in playing the punch and kick matches over and over again.

WWF Betrayal

When WWE games leave the ring, nothing good can come of it. In the Gameboy Color game Betrayal, your main job is rescue Stephanie McMahon. Instead of doing this in a number of different matches, you are forced to walk the streets in your wrestlin’ undies, beat up crooks and make your way to Triple H.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 – Wii Version

The Wii had many innovations with the motion controls, but for the WWE franchise, they should have stuck to the classic controller. In the 2008 release of the Smackdown vs Raw brand, players have to deal with clunky controls, unresponsive game play and stiff movements. You’re better off with the PS2 version of this game.

WWE Undertaker Handheld

Little hand held games should have lost their luster in the 1980s, but somehow WWE fans managed to get an Undertaker hand held release in the late 1990s. The game is such crap, it’s not even worth owning if you’re a collector. You move your character, press buttons and it kind of looks like fighting. It’s a huge waste of money.

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