50 Keyboard Shortcuts For All Web Browsers

Keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful when it comes to saving your time and increasing productivity. Every software has its own set of shortcuts. For example, in Windows Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop etc. Similarly, there are a large number of keyboard shortcuts provided by web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. The main aim of these shortcuts is to help you to accomplish more in less time.

Learning about these exclusive set of integrated shortcuts in web browsers, especially the ones which are common, can ensure that your work flow is not hampered when you switch between various browsers and computers. In this article, we will shed some light on 50 Keyboard Shortcuts that are valid for all web browsers.


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    Keyboard Shortcuts with Tabs

    Opens a new tab = Ctrl + T
    Closes the current tab = Ctrl + F4
    Close the entire window = Alt + F4
    Changes view to the last tab = Ctrl + 9
    Cycle forward to the next tab = Ctrl + Tab
    Opens a recently closed tab = Ctrl + Shift + T
    Cycle backward to the previous tab = Ctrl + Shift + Tab
    Opens a new window (this works in Windows too) = Ctrl + N
    Changes view to the tab number chosen = Ctrl + any number of key from 1 to 8

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    Shortcuts Keys for Basic Navigation

    Paste copied text = Ctrl + V
    Refresh = F5
    Forward = Alt + Right Arrow
    Back = Alt + Left Arrow
    Copy selected text = Ctrl + C
    Paste copied text = Ctrl + V
    Cut text = Ctrl + X
    Scroll to top of page = Home
    Scroll to bottom of page = End
    Scroll up = Shift+ Spacebar
    Scroll down = Spacebar
    Scroll down / up = Page Down / Up
    Return to Homepage = Alt + Home
    Stop = Escape
    Scroll to bottom of page = End
    Full screen mode or exit full screen mode = F11
    Select the address bar = F6 / Alt + D / or Ctrl + L
    Refresh and reset the browser cache for the current page = Ctrl + F5

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    Shortcut Keys for Advanced Navigation

    View source = Ctrl + U
    Print current page = Ctrl + P
    Open browsing history = Ctrl + H
    Find next text result = Ctrl + G
    Find previous text result = Ctrl + Shift + G
    Bookmark current page = Ctrl + D
    Open a local file in the browser = Ctrl + O
    Download and save current page = Ctrl + S
    Open search in a new tab = Alt + Enter
    Open developer tools or Firebug = F12
    Open search term as a website = Ctrl + Enter
    Find previous text search results = Shift + F3
    Open a mostly useless help page = F1
    Perform a text search on the current page = Ctrl + F
    Open downloads folder and/or history = Ctrl + J
    Makes the menu bar appear - if hidden = Alt + F
    Select the search box or omnibar = Ctrl + E or Ctrl + K
    Perform a text search on the current page or find next text result = F3
    Opens up the clear browser history dialog or settings = Ctrl + Shift + Del

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    Mouse and Keyboard Combinations

    Zoom in our out = Ctrl + Mouse wheel / scroll wheel
    Reset to 100% (default) zoom = Ctrl + 0
    Closes tabs if clicked on a tab / opens links in new tab/ or scroll = Mouse wheel Press
    Open link in a new tab = Ctrl + Left Click
    Open link in a new window = Shift + Left click
    Open link in a new background tab = Shift + Ctrl + Left click

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