6 Money-Saving Tips for First-Time Holiday Hosts

If you are a first-time holiday host, the thought of pulling off a successful dinner for friends and family is probably scary. I can relate. Taking on this task, initially, sent shivers down my spine, especially in regards to the food bill. Like most people, I am on a budget; the idea of spending big dollars for one meal did not sit well. So, I found ways to be thrifty.

Money-Saving Tip #1: Host an intimate affair.
Keep your dinner party small, a max of ten guests. Less mouths equates to less dollars out of your pocket. And, it’s just easier to cook for fewer people.

Money-Saving Tip #2: Create a simple menu.

Allow your turkey or ham to take center stage. Have traditional sides such as stuffing, bread rolls, green beans and cranberry sauce. Steer clear of exotic food items involving seafood and other ‘pricey’ ingredients. See Simple Holiday Recipes.

Money-Saving Tip #3: Offer only one alcoholic drink.
Professional party planners often recommend that first-time holiday hosts serve dinner guests one well-made alcoholic drink. This suggestion is wise. Create one alcoholic beverage and reduce the amount you pay for bottles of liquor.

Money-Saving Tip #4: Get seasonings at a Dollar Tree.
Holiday meals often require a variety of popular seasonings. Unfortunately, these items are expensive at a regular grocery store. Save big by visiting a local Dollar Tree. They offer the same stuff without the fancy labeling for 100 pennies.

Money-Saving Tip #5: Use electronic coupons.
Major grocers such as Safeway offer electronic coupons through their Website. All you need to activate them is a rewards card, which is free. You can also download paper coupons off the Internet through sites such as Coupons.com.

Money-Saving Tip #6: Ask guests to bring dessert.
Store bought and homemade pies and cakes add up in cost after a while because of the many ingredients. Share the wealth. Ask your dinner guests in advance to bring their favorite dessert and cut back on expenses.

Ready to start planning your meal? Use these 6 money-saving tips for first-time holiday hosts and keep more coins in your pocket. Stay in the green until January.

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