6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner

Do you hate your salad spinner because it takes up too much space and is only good for drying lettuce? While, this does seem annoying, it isn’t true. Salad spinners are actually great for several different projects. So instead of cursing your salad spinner for taking up so much space, take it out of the cabinet and use it for some of these projects.

6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner #1: Dry Greens

The most obvious way to use your salad spinner is to dry greens. Whether you’re making a salad or you’re making sautÃ?©ed greens as a side dish, a salad spinner does a wonderful job at drying items like lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, etc. This is, after all, what salad spinners were made to do. But, what else can you do with a salad spinner?

6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner #2: Drain Leeks

Leeks are extremely dirty. If you cut a leek in half, you will see that it is filled with dirt. That’s because leeks are grown in loose, sandy soil. As the leeks grown, this soil gets caught in between the layers. To get this sandy soil out, you need to cut the leek into crescent shaped pieces and place pieces in a sink full of water. The dirt will sink to the bottom, leaving you with clean leeks. But, these are wet leeks that will cause oil and butter to splatter when added to a hot pan. While you can dry leeks with a paper towel, your salad spinner will do a much better job at removing the excess moisture.

6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner #3: Drain Pasta

Nothing is worse than thinking your pasta is dry, only to pour on the sauce and end up with watered down pasta sauce. The next time you make pasta, drain it in your salad spinner. Simply place your drained pasta in the slotted portion of your salad spinner to remove most of the water, and then place it in your salad spinner to remove the rest of the water.

6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner #4: Dry Poultry

It’s important to rinse poultry before using it in a recipe, but if you’re going to add a coating to the outside of the poultry, you may have a hard time getting the mixture to stick to the wet pieces of meat. To solve this problem, toss the pieces of poultry into your salad spinner. This will quickly dry the meat so that the coating will easily stick.

6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner #5: Dry Fresh Produce

When you rinse your produce, after getting home from the store, it makes preparing meals faster. But, if you put the produce away with too much water, the produce will quickly mold. To avoid this, place your wet produce into your salad spinner. This will ensure that the produce is dry and ready to be placed in your fridge for later use.

6 Uses for Your Salad Spinner #6: Remove Excess Flour

If you love to fry chicken or make chicken fried steak, you may have noticed that too much flour will cause your oil to cloud over and burn. To avoid this, use your salad spinner. Simply dredge your meat in flour then place it into your salad spinner and you will be able to quickly remove all of the excess flour.

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