7 Things You Did Not Know about Martin Luther King

“I have a dream”, were the three words which changed the course of so many things in the American culture. The legendary Martin Luther King actually changed a lot of things in the country and that is why he is still hailed as a hero. Now there is a day named after him and every third Monday of the year, people actually pay their regards to his man because he was a hero and changed a lot of things for the Americans.

However, there are several things which do not cross common knowledge regarding this legendary figure. Here is a list of facts which you probably did not know about Martin Luther King.


  • 1

    Only US Citizen who never held Office to have a Holiday Named after Him

    George Washington and Christopher Columbus are the two people who actually have a national holiday which honours them.

  • 2

    Influenced after Trip to India

    History is proof of the fact that Martin Luther King was actually inspired by the idea of Mister Gandhi, who resided in India. It is said that after returning from India, King was absolutely sure that non-violent resistance was the way to go about things.

  • 3

    His Heart was Older than Him

    Upon autopsy after his assassination, the doctors stated that due to the stress he took in life, his heart was actually of a 60 year old even though he was only 39.

  • 4

    Not the Only Member of his Family to be assassinated

    Martin Luther King’s mother, Alberta Williams, was also killed in Atlanta Church in the year 1974.

  • 5

    House was Bombed

    He was responsible for organizing a boycott for 385 days and for that he was not only arrested; in fact, his house was bombed as well.

  • 6

    Advocate against Vietnam War

    It’s true that he is famous for his work against racism, he was also quite against Vietnam War right before his death.

  • 7

    Youngest Male to win a Nobel Peace Prize

    King was only 35 years old when he won a Nobel Peace Prize. He is still the youngest male in the history of Nobel Peace Prizes to ever receive this award.

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