7 Things You Did Not Know About Steve Jobs

The name Steve Jobs rings a bell in everyone’s ears. Even if you do not own an iPhone, or an iPad or anything that has a small i connected to it, you still know this name because he was a man who managed to change the world. However, despite the fact that he was so famous, he still managed to keep his life private throughout this time.

There are certain things which no one knows about the famous Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. We have compiled a list of facts that will most definitely leave you in a shock. It’s because no one really thought about Steve Jobs in that perspective.


  • 1

    Largest Single Stakeholder in Disney

    This is probably going to shock you the most. The former Apple CEO bought 7% stake in the company after Pixar was bought out.

  • 2

    Denied Paternity on his First Child

    Steve Jobs was working on building Apple prior to his marriage and that is when he was informed that he is actually a father of a child named Lisa. Since he was so busy with Apple, he denied paternity. However, later he accepted her as his daughter and paid for her until she reached Harvard.

  • 3

    Found his Sister when he was 30

    Steve’s sister, who is a writer, is also quite popular. However, the two did not meet until 1985, when they were both 30 years of age. After their meeting both of them really close friends and would talk almost on a daily basis until Steve passed away.

  • 4

    Produced Toy Story

    Don’t be shocked, but Steve Jobs was the producer behind this masterpiece.

  • 5

    Offered an HP Internship in 8th Grade

    William Hewlett, the founder of the famous Hewlett Packard was so impressed by Steve Jobs that he gave him an internship back in 8th Grade.

  • 6

    Used to be Homeless

    It’s quite unthinkable and unimaginable, but right before Steve Jobs was busy taking over the world, he was actually not living in a home. However, despite dropping out of college, he had some friends who kept him in their place.

  • 7

    Loved the Beatles

    The famous rock band that emerged from Liverpool, England, was Steve’s favourite type of music. He also named a company after a record label of the famous English rock band.

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