A Family Affair: Three Spectacular Breakfast Ideas

Most folks focus on the main event: A large turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and butternut squash. As traditional as this is, many don’t leave time for other meals. Many neglect what most consider the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Why not expand Thanksgiving into an all-day feast, beginning with an amazing morning meal?

Turkey Scramble with Biscuits and Gravy

What you will need:

9 Eggs

�½ onion, chopped

6 turkey sausage links, diced

3 biscuits

1 package gravy mix

1/4 cup maple syrup

First, cook your sausage links in an oven at 375 degrees. This should take about 20 minutes.

Biscuits will take about 20 minutes also, so set the timer once both sausage links and biscuits are in the oven. While links and biscuits are cooking, prepare your gravy mix.

Follow instructions on label. Bring to a low simmer towards end of 20 minutes.

Dice your onion and set aside.

When biscuits and sausage links are done, allow to cool for several minutes. Take sausage links and dice into small cubes. Add half to the gravy, set the rest aside for other use.

Scramble your 9 eggs and add other half of sausage and onions to scramble mix. When eggs are fully scrambled, add �¼ cup of maple syrup, mix then take off heat.

Split biscuits in half and ladle gravy mix over biscuits.

Serves 3 people.

Maple Pecan Pancakes

This recipe will call for:

Bisquick mix

1 cup pecans, crushed

�¼ cup brown sugar

This recipe is simple, yet amazing. Prep your Bisquick mix as directed, but also add your pecans and brown sugar. Cook as normal.

Apply maple syrup as desired.

Serves 3-5 people.

Eggs November with Cranberry-infused Oatmeal

You will need

3 English muffins

6 eggs, poached

Dark turkey meat portions

1 cup maple syrup

3 cups Quaker oats


�½ pound Cranberries, crushed

This will be a bit tricky if you haven’t worked with Eggs Benedict before. To begin with, start the oats in hot water and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

While oatmeal is simmering, place water onto stove top to boil. Toast your English muffins while you wait for water to boil. Microwave turkey portions and place on both sides of English muffin.

Once water is boiling, turn down to medium heat and drop eggs, two at a time. Eggs will float once done.

Use a slotted spoon to lift eggs out once done, as they will be extremely delicate. Place an egg on each English muffin/turkey portion, then glaze them with maple syrup.

Mix cranberries in with oatmeal and serve.

Serves 3 people.

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