A General Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

With Father’s Day quickly approaching this guide will definitely help you. This guide is of the top five things to get for your husband, father, or any male with children that mean something to you. While I’m sure a man can never have enough underwear, socks, and shirts-shaking things up a bit never hurt anyone. This guide will help you choose a gift for any man whether he’s young or a Grandfather.

Number one on the list is something easy for the young kids. This is generally the most appreciated gift ever given to a man for Father’s Day. Make something for him. Whether it be drawing him a picture and turning it into a card, or making him a chest to put his tools in. This will mean the world to him. Ideas for gifts to make include cards, paintings, Popsicle stick birdhouses, and decorating a coffee cup for him. For older kids who are into making crafts, they could make him a chest to put things in. Be creative. Just knowing you’re thinking about him will make him love it even more.

Two on the list is finding him a gadget. If you have the money and would like to treat him to something nice, get him something that will push him up on the technology meter. Whether it be an ipod for him to listen to his Frank Sinatra albums on or a PDA so he can be easier organized, he’ll definitely enjoy it. Trust me, skip the socks. We all know that everyone else will be getting him the same thing!

The next thing, number three is a subscription to an awesome men’s magazine. Every man loves to sit around reading something funny whether it’d be on the couch or the toilet. He deserves to take a break and read something that’s not only of substance, but entertains him. Whether it be Maxim, Stuff, or FHM; it’s a great idea. If you know that those magazines aren’t really his thing, pay attention to what he likes and takes part in. There’s a magazine dedicated to pretty much every hobby in the world.

Number four on the list will also take some work on knowing what your father’s interests are. A boxed set to either his favorite television series or his favorite musician. Whether he rocks out to Asia or watches Frasier, there is something out there that will pass his time and give him something to look forward to for when he gets home from work or the wife is out running errands. If you don’t have a real hold on what he likes and what he doesn’t like, I’d suggest a peek at his collection of music or DVDs. Research won’t hurt. You don’t want him watching Three’s Company on DVD just so he doesn’t become addicted to sleeping pills, do you? I didn’t think so.

Gift number five is great, because it can include the whole family. Earlier, I talked about getting him a gadget. I was referring to a smaller gadget, but there are things out there that are necessary for our Father’s to get their work done right. Look into getting him a new computer system. A laptop would be great so that he can telecommute and spend more time with you and the rest of his family. We all know how busy Dads can get. All of you can chip in and it benefits everyone!

Well, that’s the Top Five Greatest General Gifts for Father’s Day. I make this general, because not every father is the same. Some are nerdy business men, some are tough hooligans, and some like golf. When you get him something that is relevant to his life and interests it makes him feel good. Sure, he probably shouldn’t have gotten you that Princess Barbie when you were seventeen, but who cares? Good luck!

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